26 September, 2005

I used to like Music

Last night, when working on a menial assignment for music class, I stumbled upon this picture of Richard Wagner. It wouldn't be as amusing were I not listening to "Know That Feat. Talib Kweli" from Black on Both Sides at the time. Something about Wagner kickin' it made me laugh for a solid minute or two. At the time I was also highly caffinated, so perhaps it was more amusing to me.

The former comment on Wagner was made while browsing this website, which has about every musical term ever on it, with convenient pronunciations, provided by what sounds like a rather dapper European gentleman. I suggest Köchel Verzeichnis and Hurdy Gurdy.

If all goes well, I should have this sweet stencil on a canvas sometime soon courtesy of Erich, fostering my further spiral into a somewhat newfound interest in Dylan.

Since returning to school a passion for crosswords has consumed my mornings (and most of my classtime), and today was the first time since the summer that I have completed one. However, soon after I had puffed out my chest in nerdish pride I found that many of my fellow puzzlers also completed the same NY Times puzzle, deeming it the easiest they have done in a while. Such an ego killer, thanks guys.

Gwen unlocked Babe Ruth in her MVP season. Also I am a giant dork for thinking about MVP when I am not thinking about crosswords or caffeine.


Anonymous Phil said...

Mail me that Dylan T-Shirt beeotch

12:00 AM, October 09, 2005  

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