26 October, 2005

American Male Report

I am of the opinion that Modern Drunkard Magazine is one of the better publications available today. Their articles all, predictably, center on alcohol and the reckless consumption of such. However, the writing is witty and unique, giving a different angle to old stories. A recent piece titled "Boozing in the Big Leagues" took a different approach to the '86 Mets, detailing what a rowdy bunch they actually were. How much of the story is true I'm not sure, but it sure was interesting to read.

I would definitely enjoy writing for a publication such as Modern Drunkard, however out of respect for my liver and work ethic, I think it best to stick to the more mainstream publications for now. I can imagine it would be much to my parents chagrin if I told them I was employed at a such a publication. It's like trying to tell your parents you only read it for the articles when they find your porno magazines. I bet they have amazing office parties though.

As a sidenote, I sent in my application for an internship at Philly Mag today. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon, and with any luck I'll get it. I'm a little wary about taking on an internship in addition to 5 classes, but I've done it before. I hope it doesn't cut into my writing for the CP (which I don't do that often), but I think I'll be able to handle it.

Speaking of drinking and literature, I was planning on investing in this book as a present to myself, however I remembered that I am in college, and thus would rather spend my money on actual beer than on a book about actual beer. I tried to coerce Lori at the Citypaper to let me review it, but no dice.

Oh drinking! The White Sox are quite the party animals, as exhibited in this webshots album (better click before it goes down). Those pictures are from Baltimore, no less, and apparently the girls are from Harford County (as am I) as indicated by one of the captions. It seems that White is the new Red as the southsiders are about to sweep the series. Can't say I'm surprised. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. Carl Everett is still psychotic, however, and could be seen yelling obscenities at Phil Garner from the dugout during game 3. I guess it was the will of God for him to give Garner the what-for.

In other "slutty girls from my town" news, don't forget to Vote for Morgan! I'm kidding. Her existence in that whole contest never gets old, and she doesn't get any less whoreish.

Last night, Anthony, Gwen and I took in a show called Eden upstairs at The Khyber. It was a good show, with enjoyable content, in a rather intimate setting. However, the actors were somewhat shaky on their lines, which necessitated their reference to the script from time to time (okay, most of the time), causing some awkward and unnecessary breaks in their delivery. Overall though, the $2 pints of Yards made up for any misgivings I would have had about the show otherwise.

As a red-blooded American male, I feel I have met my obligation within the contents of this post to discuss manly things such as drinking and baseball. Oh yes, and this. Also this.


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