10 October, 2005


I felt very college on Friday night. I worked at a shitty campus job, came back to the house, played video games, went out to get beer but got rejected with an ID that wasn't my own, found a 21 year old (Gwen), got beer, came home and drank a bit, played more video games, ordered pizza at 1 am and went to bed. It was so stereotypical, but enjoyable none the less.

On that note, why is it so bad to stereotype people? Stereotypes are fostered for a reason: they're generally true, otherwise they wouldn't be a stereotype. Blondes are considered dumb because many of them are; nerds are considered smart because if they're not smart they have no place in the world because they're not athletic; poor people are considered lazy because, well, they really do just sit around all day (I'd feel bad about writing this but honestly, blondes are illiterate, nerds knows it's true, and the poor don't go on the internet because it's too expensive). Ah, but but I digress.

In the Guardian online, the international section had this article from the weekend:
Al-Quaida tells terror chief to kill people less brutally
"Al-Qaida has urged its commander in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, to shoot rather than behead hostages because brutal executions alienate the Muslim world, according to American officials.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Islamist group's second-in-command, allegedly told his colleague that a bullet was as deadly as a knife and would not repulse so many potential supporters."
That's pretty messed up, and yet kind of funny at the same time in that 'I feel like a sick bastard for laughing at it but I'm still laughing' way. In addition the article later referenced the new initiative in the radical world toward less stringent Burka rules. Muted pastels will now be allowed in the formerly constrictive color scheme of the traditional garment.

The internet has been down at the house all day today, much to the annoyance of everyone. I decided to call Verizon tonight instead of sitting around whining and being disconnected from the world (read: my gmail). After being hung up on 3 times, I finally talked to a tech guy who seemed cool, and decided I really didn't need the maiden name of the mother of a a girl who lived here 3 years ago in order to get back online, and voila, the internet returns!

I won the world series in MVP this morning. Twice. I rule. Clearly not at life, however.

On that note, after todays game, how could you not root for the Houston Astros. And after seeing this (warning, it's disgusting), you can understand why I loathe Eagles fans; at least I won't have to hear it from a bunch of intollerant assholes tomorrow because they LOST TO DALLAS today.

My buddy Paul Tsikitas does this radio show on WEXP called Peel Slowly and See. Monday nights from 7-9 if you're sitting at your computer, you should check it out. He plays a decent selection, keeps the show fresh from week to week. Listen by clicking here.

As well, another friend of mine, Stev, has a radio show on WSJR called Subterranean Homesick Radio. That's broadcast on Monday nights from 4-6, so go listen to that as well. They are both quite good, I assure you.


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