18 October, 2005

Enter the Octagon

For as long as I can remember (okay, so like, since last year), I've wanted to be an ultimate fighter. Not like the WWF or that fake shit, I mean the real deal; I mean the UFC. It would be awesome. I mean, the fact that the arena is referred to as 'the octagon' is reason enough.

Seriously, every time any UFC show is on television, I feel compelled to stop and watch the (completely legal!) carnage occur. It's pretty great to see two dudes beating the fuck out of each other, definitely beats boxing or wrestling hands down. While I am not a violent person by any means, but there's something in it that appeals to me on a higher level. I think I could do well if I stepped in to the octagon for several reasons:
a) I am a small guy, which some see as a disadvantage. I feel it would work in my favor as long as I am quick. I could be deadly on the mat. People would call me by some awesome nickname, I'm sure.

b) I have tenacity and a fire in my eyes, and the desire to boot. I'm pretty good when it comes to short bursts of energy. Now I know that UFC fighting style requires immense stamina and physical fitness, but that brings me to my next point...

c) I think I could develop a lethally effecicent initial set of moves. If executed properly, I think this combo would be more than enough to stifle any adversary. I'm thinking of going for the legs early (avoiding this, of course).
Anyhow, I feel that I should start studying ju-jitsu and basic grappling techniques. I also need to work on my ground-and-pound, a good example of which is exhibited in the photo to the right. In time, I think I could pull this off effectively.

Just seeing fairly normal dudes (okay, they're fucking nuts) on the UFC show training to become fighters makes me really want to go for it.

On an unrelated note, I am hopelessly addicted to televised sports of all types and fixated on un-obtainable dreams.

The Astros lost last night in thoroughly depressing fashion. Now I will have to wait until Wednesday at the earliest to see them try to make the Series. I hope they do, because that would prove that pitching really does win championships. I hate when people say that and then speculate that the Yankees will win it all.

As far as overheards go, I heard a good one yesterday. Four girls were standing around near the baseball field, and as I walked by I heard one exclaim to the group:
"Yeah, then he took down his pants and peed on our floor!"
Man, I love the weekends. I wish I got out more, like, to those kinds of parties, then maybe I would be able to fill volumes with these tidbits of random conversation.


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