04 October, 2005

Gandhi would go for the Lager

So Sudafed Maximum Strength nasal Decongestant is probably the best thing ever. Two pills and BAM!, sinuses drier than BYU (read down a bit; they don't drink coffee either. Fucking nut jobs.) But enough about Mormons and their funny little ways.

My buddy Drew Lazor is getting some notoriety through his honest and humorous reviews for Okayplayer, even giving Drew, TR and me a mention in one. But as with all things of a critical nature, there are those (read: morons) who voice their dissent in the worst way: the internet message board. Drew's been taking some heat on the OKP boards, but don't worry man, at least that means they read it right? Also, they're nerds. Internet trash talk is the best.

To the disdain of my roommate Drew, I went and bought two knit shirts at Gap on South St. this weekend, and they're probably the most comfortable item of clothing in my possession. Also I bought the "No Direction Home" DVD because, well, umm, because I wanted to.

I have checked my gmail like, 8 or 9 times since I started writing this. I'm a sad, sad individual. All I received in that time were a few assignments from people in my poetry class, reminding me that I have work to do this afternoon.

I have a few overheards today, that actually come from a few days ago. I also heard some weird stuff yesterday but didn't write it down and can't remember it. Oh well.

-Two distinct hambones walking past the baseball field-

"I'll fucking have a sit in, I don't care"

I wish I knew what these two were protesting. Maybe their fraternity brothers decided on something other than Natty for that weekends Keg and they were pissed at the "tradition hating mongrels." Or maybe they are appalled at the current situation in the African country of... no, definitely the beer. Idiots.

-One white girl talking to another white girl walking together-

"I hate white people"

Umm, what? Not sure what they were talking about, but it was pretty funny. Oh yeah they were blonde and seemed a bit on the bimbo-ish side (read: 89% chance they're dumb as shit).


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