02 October, 2005

Holmes got soullll

So I was working tonight in Backstage and as usual, there were two performers for the weekend activity. Following a student performer, who brought some friends with him to watch, Ryan Holmes (lives next door to me, is the off-campus organizer for the school), performed with his jazz band (didn't catch the name). They were pretty good, nice rhythm and horns, and Ryan has a really good voice. It was a pretty nice break from the normal granola feminist-adgenda shite normally scheduled.

Despite the talent of the performers (most of the time), not many people show up to these free shows (tonight excluded, there were a fair amount of people there.) In general, nobody comes in Backstage or Cafe Metro/Intermissions at all. I remember working there Freshman year and there being a line every night for a table. This year, the average amount of customers I will get in 8 hours is about 4.

In other news, the Alliance is sponsoring a coming out day this week. I proposed they have a giant piece of paper with a picture of a closet door on it for the new skittle shitters to break through, a la homecoming. Probably wouldn't fly.

We finally got cable today. TR and I both shook the hand of the Comcast man when he came in the door. Now I can really dedicate myself to the deterioration of my studies in the form of televised sports. Goodie.

Spent some time at C71 this weekend hanging out. It's pretty fun there, I would venture to say it's my favorite place to hang out with people aside from my own house. I like the atmosphere, and the people are cool too (see, for reference, Mr. Pat MacDonald above).

There's this crazy website I found that turns the HTML coding of any website, and all websites linked from it, into a tree-looking thing. I'm kind of obsessed with watching them grow in front of my eyes. Here is this blog in various stages of forestation:

The main tree, just my blog, on the right

Several sites I have linked

A forest is formed (and growing) after an hour or so


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will die in your sleep tonight.



5:56 PM, October 02, 2005  
Blogger Lou said...

Sorry Denise, that wasn't a jab at you. I'm just not a big fan of Ani DiFranco wannabees, ya know? Women singing about their vagina powers annoy me.

6:01 PM, October 02, 2005  

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