13 October, 2005

Jason Mraz ain't got nothing on Langdon

I am going to interview John Langdon for the Citypaper sometime. He's got a revised edition of his book of ambigrams coming out in November. The dude seems a little eccentric and out there. He did teach art at Drexel though, so anything goes. Actually, I don't know what that means, but he looks a little out there in his pictures.

Anyhow, an ambigram, essentially, is a word that can be read the same normally and upside down, and also has some form of symmetry. The example to the right is, apparently, the first ambigram that Langdon ever saw, and the one that got him hooked on the form.

HOLY SHIT!! I stumbled across this page, a part of College Humor.com's hottest college girl competition. She went to my freaking high school. I'm not kidding. She was kind of dumb and slutty then, and I can see that not much has changed. This kind of makes me depressed. Only kind of though. The other part of me is laughing hysterically.

Also, here is a funny website from someone who takes himself way to seriously.

I've been listening to this band from England called Editors. Their album, "The Back Room," sounds like a weak rip off of Joy Division and The Smiths. It's entirely to repetitive and sort of boring, but for some reason I've been listening to it anyhow. I guess it is catchy in its own way, then.

Two interesting overheards, both on the same day. Pretty awesome. Anyhow, the first one comes courtesy of two girls in the computer lab in the Comm center. One girl turned to the other and, without any previous discussion (i was there when they came in, so I would have heard it), said the following:
"Domestic violence would be good, right?"
What? That's kind of messed up. For more information, see a previous post in which I discuss stereotypes; specifically, see the section on blondes.

The second comes from two guys walking past the baseball field. As they were walking by, one dude says:
"Yo, bro, I think I sprained my neck."
He rubs the back of his neck and exclaims
"Whoa, dude. I can totally feel my brain stem on the back of my neck. I think I hurt it."
Actually, bro, I think it was damaged long before you rubbed it.

That's all for today, a short, non-political or rantish update. Enjoy!


Blogger Drew said...

Does Jason Mraz do ambigrams or something?

7:34 PM, October 16, 2005  
Blogger Lou said...

No, but his new single is called "Wordplay," much like Langdon's book.

8:21 PM, October 16, 2005  
Blogger GonzoMC said...

Dude, you should've nailed that chick in high school. She's definitely going to lose in her upcoming match though, against Ashley F. Damn, I'm moving to San Diego.

7:24 PM, October 19, 2005  

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