28 November, 2005

I didn't fall off, I was tripped by obligation

Drew mentioned that it appears that I've given up on my blog, which is not the case. No excuses, no apologies. It's my blog, I'll write in it when I want.

Tomorrow night, Citypaper Editor-In-Chief Duane Swierczynski (of previous post fame) will be stopping by the house to read from his book. It's an event for the staff and friends of the Collegian, since Duane used to be a Collegian editor himself back in the day.

Drew and I are going to provide beer and food, and it should be a good time, hopefully.

I'm not sure how many people are going to show up, it should be interesting. I know I told all the editors to invite their entire staff of writers, and I e-mailed a ton of people myself about it, and did a little facebook messaging. I'm hoping at least 20 people show up, but I have the feeling there's going to be like, 45 people here or something.

The piece I was working about John Langdon was finally published in the CP a few weeks back. Cha-Ching. I wish I could write more for the CP, but I have a hard time coming up with pitches and Lori (the arts editor) doesn't sent out article opportunities via e-mail like some other editors, so I never really know what to do.

I've been writing for the Chestnut Hill Local a bit as well, mainly features-y stuff. Interior decorators, dog trainers, lesbian authors and the like.

I'm working on a piece now about a woman who taught in China for a while, and about her experiences there. Kind of reminds me about a book I really like, River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze by Peter Hessler. So much China lately, apologies.

This is a really funny site about 17 guys you can't get mad at when and if your girlfriend has sex with them. Some are kind of funny, some are predictable, but I chuckled so yeah.

Guy writes about why he hates going to the movies. Oddly enough I had almost the exact same experience last weekend, same movie and all. Seriously though, I really hate going to the movies. Last weekend was the first movie I saw in the theater in a long time (like a year and a half, I think) and it was good and all (Harry Potter 4) but man, I hate the theater so much.

The first time I read Brave New World, it was in book form in my room. Now I'm reading it here. Kind of eerie. Maybe next time I will be reading the abridged version through telekinesis via a government feed.

I hope they invited the Indians, because this is just in time for Thanksgiving.

Culture of fear rears its head again. If you're stupid enough to go underwater, in a cage, with bait in the water, to look at sharks, you take on the understood risk that they might attack you. Fucking morons.

Some guy stole some peoples mail in San Francisco, and a judge ordered him, among other things, to wear a sandwichboard sign with the words "I Stole Mail - This is My Punishment" on it. Seems kind of like the Scarlet Letter Lite to me.

This makes me scared. Sort of. Well, not really, but I'm still allergic to peanuts.

This is a funny excerpt from a website about figuring out how your girlfriend feels about you looking at porn by asking her about a 'friend's' stash.
There are a few different viewpoints you may encounter from this exchange. The most distressing is that your girlfriend reveals that she is an anti-porn feminist. I hate to add this, but these women are usually pretty ugly so you should have guessed her viewpoint before even asking. These womyn believe that porn is degrading to women, and boy is it! Porn wouldn't be as half as much fun if it wasn't as degrading. They also believe that it forces men to view women as sexual objects, but this point is purely senseless. Men view women as sexual objects all the time without the aid of pornography.

And now, a picture for the Iron Maiden demographic of my readership (read: Drew):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you're picturing me as an object right now. I can feel it.

Stop picturing me as a rhombus! Stop it I say!

9:09 PM, November 29, 2005  
Blogger Drew said...

Lou still fell off

9:29 PM, November 29, 2005  
Blogger Meg said...

i may or may not have screamed a little when i saw that you updated the blog. they're worth waiting for, unlike pre-marital sex. i also really enjoyed the random xanga entry and i totally agree. i hate when people clap. unless it's a preview showing with the director and the cast in attendance, there's no need.

again, thanks for updating. i hope i don't die on new brain tomorrow.

10:28 PM, November 29, 2005  
Blogger Drew said...


10:54 PM, November 29, 2005  
Blogger GonzoMC said...

Hey Lou, Drew got on my case too, but that's all good. I'm glad we're both important enough to make one person notice if we fall off the planet (though I suppose it's not as cool if you live with him). Anyway, thanks for the fun. Let's be each other's motivation for a while. Also, my recent post has a section about objectifying women which of course raised the antenna of our favorite feminist. See how I responded on her blog. I tend to agree with the guy from your excerpt. Yay ingrained misogyny! peace bro.

1:25 AM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger Face of Spades said...

McGrath, you are always my motivation.

I am currently motivated to find a knife, half a water bottle, and an electric stove.

12:22 PM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger Face of Spades said...

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9:26 AM, December 08, 2005  

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