19 December, 2005

End of the Semester

The La Salle men's basketball team is having a rather improbable start to their season, running their record to 6-0 this afternoon in a marathon 4 OT game against Central Connecticut State University. I definitely watched the whole thing on CN8, with Gwen none the less. Generally she doesn't enjoy televised sports, but this game, I'd like to think, was just that enthralling.

I'm going to the game with Drew on Tuesday, hopefully they win in convincing fashion. They do have a tough test coming up on Thursday against Villanova, who's kind of, you know, ranked and all.
Edit: Won in overtime, again, 70-61, behind another strong performance from Smith and a breakout game in the second half on defense for Sherman Diaz, not to mention some clutch shooting. 7-0 going into Thursdays game against 'Nova.
They still look good though, Steve Smith is the definition of ill, and they have some good shooters on the team. If they do manage to beat Nova, they might as well punch their ticket to the Tournament. That said, It should be a great game. Too bad it's not televised. And I'll be in Maryland.

Speaking of Maryland, I went bookstore shopping the other day. By bookstore I don't mean the Jenkintown B&N (which I also went to today) but the school bookstore. You see, at the end of the semester, when everyone is trying to get money for their books, the store will only buy back the ones that are going to be used the next semester. Those that they don't buy back, students can either take with them, or leave them on a shelf near the door, where the bookstore will then collect them and file them until the next time they are used in a class.

Anyhow, I enjoy going in toward the end of finals week with an empty bookbag and browsing all of the novels and poetry books and the like that people leave dejected on the shelves. I found 6 interesting books this time, ranging from a book on notable Irish writers to Whitman's Song of Myself. This relates to Maryland because when I am home over break I like to read. Too bad I won't be home all that much. Oh well

Norlen directed me here earlier this evening, and I laughed a lot.

Check this site out. This group builds giant free-form, colored towers of Ice throughout the winter in Alaska. I watched last years grow from start to finish, and just recently started going to the site again because I figured they'd started a new one. I was right.

It's just kind of insane that they use like, a garden hose and some piping to create this huge ice tower weighing like, 65,000 tons. They just leave the water running 24 hours a day and bam, huge fucking tower of ice. Where do people first think this stuff up? Oh, right. Alaska.

I know a lot of people (myself included) are compulsive away-message checkers. Things just got a lot easier.

I've been working on a bunch of stuff for the Local this past week. Also got another assignment from the CP and one from Origivation. Too bad I need the money like, last week. It's okay, when I do get paid it'll be a glorious day. I decided that in my time of financial dire straights, I am going to buy smaller presents for people this year. A bottle liquor and a book to my dad, a bottle of Sherry to my soon-to-be-father in-law and a book, CD and calendar for my mom. Trying not to top $100. I spent a lot more last year, but I had more money last year. Oddly enough, I didn't really have a source of income last year like I do this year. Oh well.

15 December, 2005

College is crazy

After living off campus for almost two years now, I think back, sometimes even fondly, on dorm living. However, I don't remember the dorms being this exciting. Blogger Paige also checked in. Ah, college.

I remember living in the dorms sophomore year, yelling out the window to the guy who lived next door to us. It was always kind of fun yelling to Tim Fitz in the next building at 4 am whenever I would see his light on. I remember the shit that people left in the bathroom. Good lord do I ever remember that.

I like living off campus, but stories like the one above kind of make me get a nostalgic pang for campus life. I only say kind of, because nothing that intriguing or scandalous ever happened. Well, it may have, I just wasn't aware because Drew and I never left the room.

This afternoon I am interviewing this guy for the Local. He seems kind of eccentric, so it should be cool. I'm going to his house, about a mile and a half from me. He's lived there since '68 with various other band members.

Edit: The interview was nice, talked to the dude for like two hours. He's pretty out there, like I guessed, but he was a good interview anyhow. He showed me a DVD of a performance from Switzerland. The group sounds kind of like a mix between experimental electronic music and big band/stomp. It was really odd.

I am still in the consideration stages of my Christmas shopping. By that I mean, I am considering getting started. I have some ideas, but little money to act on those ideas. Oh well.

I cannot stress enough how happy I am to be finished with this semester. That leaves only one more semester of college, with 5 general electives in between me and massive, crushing debt the real world. I'm taking Seydow (again) and Kling for English, and Pete Mazacarro for advanced composition. Much to the chagrin of many Art majors, myself and a class full of seniors are also taking oil painting. Too bad for all the juniors who tried to get in. Moral of the story: I've been here a year longer than you have so suck me.

More of an update coming later, I have to transcribe an interview now and get to work on things that will earn me money (not writing in here).

12 December, 2005

MySpace personified

There are a lot of different types of annoying people. There are the people who stare over your shoulder while you are on the computer. There are those who constantly need to be included in whatever conversation is going on. There are those kind of people who feel it necessary to tell everyone how much they drank last night. There's the dude who gives the middle finger (alternately, the metal sign) in every picture taken of him. There's anybody who wears two collared shirts at the same time, especially with collars popped. But there are also those people who just annoy the shit out of you and you can't quite figure out why. There's a guy like that in one of my classes.

He's that dude who always wears his hat backwards and his sunglasses on the top of his head. He's definitely that dude who has the fraternity jacket on, and the fraternity t-shirt underneath. He's that guy who wears a lot of jewlery, but isn't Italian. The other day I kind of pinned down why I find him so annoying, and I felt like a great success. The guy is annoying in the same way a MySpace page with way too much going on is annoying. Like, one of those pages with 6 different videos, a background picture that makes the text indecipherable, huge pictures that stretch the whole page out, and an imbedded loop of some horribly sacharine pop song that you can't make stop playing. The kind of page that when you visit it freezes your whole computer.

That's how I feel when I am around this dude. He is the worst MySpace page ever, personified. He talks a lot, often about nothing. I'm not sure if he's just way into himself or doesn't like silence. He also talks to anyone, about inappropriate topics as well, such as, say, to me about how hot some girl that walked by is. He's just a wierd dude.

Also, if you type Frat Guy in the google search engine, you get a lot of pictures of gay dudes. Kind of appropriate, I suppose.

So a few days ago Gwen and I were sitting behind a couple of dudes at the Treetops Dining Hall, and I mean 'dudes.' These guys were Philly dudes, through and through. By that I mean they had short hair, a diamond stud earring, and were wearing sweatpants. Oh yeah, and they sounded pretty dumb when they spoke, let's not forget that.

So we finish eating and go outside, and started talking about the different types of guys in each city. You see, there are Philly Dudes, like the ones we shared a pleasant dining experience with. There are New York Dudes, and there are Boston Dudes.

I was theorizing to Gwen that what defines a 'dude' generally is the team affiliation. That's what makes them easier to talk to than the gentleman in the previous few paragraphs. As long as you can talk about sports at all, you can carry out a conversation with a 'dude.' Anyhow, Gwen and I talked about how both New York and Boston 'dudes' are fervent baseball fans, and how Philly 'dudes' really are football fans. That said, we agreed that New York and Boston 'dudes' are a little crazier, since they have, at minimum, 162 different times to cheer on their team, and that the off-season on baseball is much more publicized than football. Philly 'dudes,' though they may only have a minimum of 16 games in which to root, are still insane. I think the insanity in that case is more concentrated, the dudeishness more apparent.

Anyhow, I made the comment that what can most often be heard from any Philly dude's mouth is "Yo, let's go to the bar and drink some beers. Are you watching the Eagles game?"

No sooner had I said that than the two gentlemen from dinner walked out. One turns to the other and says "Yo, let's go drink some beers." No lie. I couldn't have asked for a more fitting conclusion to a conversation had I tried.

01 December, 2005

KYW has a catchy jingle; trite reporting

I was listening to KYW News Radio 1060 this afternoon on the way home from an interview (more on that later) and heard something I found extremely amusing. There was a news story about how SEPTA and the city are celebrating the memory of Rosa Parks with a seat reserved behind the driver on a bus on the 17 line.

The bus was apparently parked in front of a local elementary school this morning for its unveiling, and as per usual, KYW had sound clips of the students reacting to the bus and its purpose. One young boy said a lot of predictable stuff about how much it means and how great it is, but then he said "Rosa Parks is the greatest living example of the struggle for freedom." Which I found amusing mainly because she's dead, thus the reason for memorializing her. I can't believe whoever put that package together left that in there.

Not much going on this weekend, thankfully.

This picture is for Adam, who inspires me:
And this picture is for sick people: