15 December, 2005

College is crazy

After living off campus for almost two years now, I think back, sometimes even fondly, on dorm living. However, I don't remember the dorms being this exciting. Blogger Paige also checked in. Ah, college.

I remember living in the dorms sophomore year, yelling out the window to the guy who lived next door to us. It was always kind of fun yelling to Tim Fitz in the next building at 4 am whenever I would see his light on. I remember the shit that people left in the bathroom. Good lord do I ever remember that.

I like living off campus, but stories like the one above kind of make me get a nostalgic pang for campus life. I only say kind of, because nothing that intriguing or scandalous ever happened. Well, it may have, I just wasn't aware because Drew and I never left the room.

This afternoon I am interviewing this guy for the Local. He seems kind of eccentric, so it should be cool. I'm going to his house, about a mile and a half from me. He's lived there since '68 with various other band members.

Edit: The interview was nice, talked to the dude for like two hours. He's pretty out there, like I guessed, but he was a good interview anyhow. He showed me a DVD of a performance from Switzerland. The group sounds kind of like a mix between experimental electronic music and big band/stomp. It was really odd.

I am still in the consideration stages of my Christmas shopping. By that I mean, I am considering getting started. I have some ideas, but little money to act on those ideas. Oh well.

I cannot stress enough how happy I am to be finished with this semester. That leaves only one more semester of college, with 5 general electives in between me and massive, crushing debt the real world. I'm taking Seydow (again) and Kling for English, and Pete Mazacarro for advanced composition. Much to the chagrin of many Art majors, myself and a class full of seniors are also taking oil painting. Too bad for all the juniors who tried to get in. Moral of the story: I've been here a year longer than you have so suck me.

More of an update coming later, I have to transcribe an interview now and get to work on things that will earn me money (not writing in here).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh... the halcyon days of freshman and sophmore year in the dorms... oh wait, i participated in a thing called the naked quad run last week. Damn.


6:17 PM, December 16, 2005  

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