19 December, 2005

End of the Semester

The La Salle men's basketball team is having a rather improbable start to their season, running their record to 6-0 this afternoon in a marathon 4 OT game against Central Connecticut State University. I definitely watched the whole thing on CN8, with Gwen none the less. Generally she doesn't enjoy televised sports, but this game, I'd like to think, was just that enthralling.

I'm going to the game with Drew on Tuesday, hopefully they win in convincing fashion. They do have a tough test coming up on Thursday against Villanova, who's kind of, you know, ranked and all.
Edit: Won in overtime, again, 70-61, behind another strong performance from Smith and a breakout game in the second half on defense for Sherman Diaz, not to mention some clutch shooting. 7-0 going into Thursdays game against 'Nova.
They still look good though, Steve Smith is the definition of ill, and they have some good shooters on the team. If they do manage to beat Nova, they might as well punch their ticket to the Tournament. That said, It should be a great game. Too bad it's not televised. And I'll be in Maryland.

Speaking of Maryland, I went bookstore shopping the other day. By bookstore I don't mean the Jenkintown B&N (which I also went to today) but the school bookstore. You see, at the end of the semester, when everyone is trying to get money for their books, the store will only buy back the ones that are going to be used the next semester. Those that they don't buy back, students can either take with them, or leave them on a shelf near the door, where the bookstore will then collect them and file them until the next time they are used in a class.

Anyhow, I enjoy going in toward the end of finals week with an empty bookbag and browsing all of the novels and poetry books and the like that people leave dejected on the shelves. I found 6 interesting books this time, ranging from a book on notable Irish writers to Whitman's Song of Myself. This relates to Maryland because when I am home over break I like to read. Too bad I won't be home all that much. Oh well

Norlen directed me here earlier this evening, and I laughed a lot.

Check this site out. This group builds giant free-form, colored towers of Ice throughout the winter in Alaska. I watched last years grow from start to finish, and just recently started going to the site again because I figured they'd started a new one. I was right.

It's just kind of insane that they use like, a garden hose and some piping to create this huge ice tower weighing like, 65,000 tons. They just leave the water running 24 hours a day and bam, huge fucking tower of ice. Where do people first think this stuff up? Oh, right. Alaska.

I know a lot of people (myself included) are compulsive away-message checkers. Things just got a lot easier.

I've been working on a bunch of stuff for the Local this past week. Also got another assignment from the CP and one from Origivation. Too bad I need the money like, last week. It's okay, when I do get paid it'll be a glorious day. I decided that in my time of financial dire straights, I am going to buy smaller presents for people this year. A bottle liquor and a book to my dad, a bottle of Sherry to my soon-to-be-father in-law and a book, CD and calendar for my mom. Trying not to top $100. I spent a lot more last year, but I had more money last year. Oddly enough, I didn't really have a source of income last year like I do this year. Oh well.