26 January, 2006

Been a long time girl / I shouldn'tave left you / Without a dope beat to step to

I had been in the habit of updating on a fairly regular basis, but Windows, in collaboration with my computer, decided that it would be more fun to blue screen on me and not work for a few days. Gerard came and got it running for a few hours, but it crashed again.

I went and purchased an external hard drive, and after a few hours of work got the files off of my computer. Now it seems to be running fairly well, save for not letting me install a virus protection program. I think I may just re-format the C:\ drive this weekend and start again, now that I have all my stuff from the computer.

Anyhow, classes have started again, and this semester is going to be really easy. I have three of my classes only once a week, which leaves huge amounts of free time in between to do whatever I wish, including a 20-inning marathon game against the Philies in MVP this evening, which I won 5-3.

I enjoy Bill Simmons because even when writing about sports, he references everything up to and including Teen Wolf. Genius.

The administration, or student life office, at Yale seems a little behind the times. I guess smart kids don't wash after taking a dump.

CP article on Bill Murphy's. Turned out well, I think. Review of a book written by a freelance journalist turned San Francisco pimp forthcoming.

Speaking of bars and writing about them, I'm thinking of going to Destroy Your Liver this week for a CP piece and taking a few pictures. Seems like a crazy hipster fest to me. I've been to the Khyber only once and it was for a play upstairs, not an all you can drink event, which I would imagine is ridiculous.

I'm supposed to take pictures and get funny quotes from people coming out of the bar, which means I would have to go down there at like midnight ant take pictures of the drunks as they roll out.

On the back of their promo cards they say "Best/Worst Idea Ever" and I couldn't agree more.

The Sox traded away Andy Marte and Kelly Shoppach, as well as Mota and some others to be named, for Coco Crisp, who has perhaps one of the best names in baseball. I'm not too big a fan of this deal, since I don't think getting rid of Marte and Shoppach is the best of ideas. I was a proponent of the 'Adam Stern in Center' idea, although he's no leadoff hitter. Kind of irrelevant now. Crisp is a good all around player, though, so this season is looking better for the Sox. Glad Trot's still there, though, that's for sure.

Found someone who has a lot of Tom Waits on Soulseek, which just made my night. I need more gravely vocals in my life.

This one is for Jim, one of the only people I know who appreciates numbers.

17 January, 2006

ABC Family validates my afternoon television habits

Branching off of Jim's latest post on House, and the Golden Globes, our subsequent discussion wandered to the Gilmore Girls, and how I enjoy the show but he thinks it is "so fucking insipid." Sorry, but I am becoming addicted to it (again). Also, I love watching Grounded for Life in the afternoons on ABC Family. I'm glad it's on at a time that I don't ever have anything.

Seriously, I don't know how they justify having a fat, red-headed Irish guy and a thin, dark haired Italian acting as brothers. Their children suspiciously look very much akin to one brother or the other. Take a look to the left. Brother one in the center, brother two in the top right.

If you don't use Stumble, you should. If you're into random internet browsing, there's nothing better.

Stupid flash video about the Pentagon plane crash conspiracy. I say stupid because, really, who cares?

I felt like a horrible person after taking this quiz. Then I checked my gmail and felt better.

I got my first issue of The New Yorker in the mail today. This is not to say that I am or want to be a New Yorker, but all the same, it's a good magazine. Now I don't have to sit and read it online, I can take it with me wherever I go.

Jackson Pollock is a dick slap (apologies to Belle and Sebastian).

Links to some crazy artists. I don't know much about art (sorry Gwen) but there's some neat lookin' shit here.

La Salle is playing Rhode Island tomorrow afternoon, they should definitely be able to take that game. St. Joes lost a tough game to Charlotte tonight. The 49ers are looking pretty good, they're definitely getting some good wins in their first A-10 season. If I don't go home this Saturday I'm definitely heading to the La Salle v. St. Joes game in the morning at the Palestra. I think the Explorers can handle the Hawks, but they'll probably drop that one. St. Joes is playing decently as of late, and shouldn't have lost tonight.

16 January, 2006

Working Title

It's too bad Gary Neal had to go and get himself kicked out of La Salle. Seems to be making a great deal of noise at Towson. I kind of wish he still played for La Salle.

They could use the help on the outside shooting. I think he'd be a great compliment to Smith inside, as he poses more of a scoring threat than Harris or Thomas. Oh well. He's quite a ball hog as I remember, but still.

La Salle plays Rhode Island on Wednesday afternoon, so pictures will be forthcoming for that one, as well as the St. Joes game on Saturday. They had better win both of those games, there's no reason they shouldn't.

The Terps looked great last night against Wake Forest last nigh. They got down for a few minutes early and I figured it was another typical Terps 'catch-up for 38 minutes and ultimately fall short' game, but thanks to Mike Jones' (Mike Jones) 3-point flurry, they got hot and stayed ahead. They have Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech up next, and should take those two games. Them they play Temple, a game which I plan to attend.

Joey Porter may be a bit overboard, but he's not totally off the deep end with this one. The Sports Prof. weighs in.

Great blog on ACC basketball.

Thorough blog on Mid-Majors. A bit confusing to navigate at times, but well put together in general.

Sacrilegious new post over at Debate Klub about their dead friend Dave. Pretty great.

Last semester of college commences tomorrow. I'm kind of looking forward to not being in school. I've detested school since I can remember, so this should be a nice change. I'm sure that once fall comes around I'll miss being able to sleep in until like 11 every day because I registered all late classes, but all the same I'll be glad to get out.

Those PSP commercials with the rats are the worst thing on television. I just saw a new one, something about portable cheese. Somehow that is supposed to relate to the PSP. Not sure how. They need more commercials like this one, which although pointless, at least look cool.

The Klan is getting desperate for members. Somebody should inform them that bigotry and racism are so 1950's.

Someone buy me this.

I've re-tooled the sidebar (to your right) to keep the personal blogs and the like separate from sports-themed links. I'm looking for a good A-10 blog, but I can't find one anywhere. If anyone would know, it would be Kevin Hyslop.

15 January, 2006

The second half counts; pass it on.

After a first half against Temple that had me on the verge of forgiving past indiscretions (Hofstra, Charlotte), La Salle only managed to rack up 17 in the second to Temple's 38, falling behind by as much as 19, eventually losing to the Owls 52-68.

At the half, the 35-30 La Salle lead did not truly relate the fervor with which the Explorers played. Darnell Harris (at left shooting a 3 during the second half) went 5-7 from beyond the arc and finished the first 20 with 17. He also finished the second 20 with only 17. Jermain Thomas was held to a single 3, and Smith fell short of his game average with only 15.

The bench points in the first half were also pretty decent, favoring La Salle 20-7. However, that total also held fast for La Salle.

Despite better shooting percentages across the board, La Salle simply didn't take as many shots (22-32 favoring Temple) in the second half and couldn't put the Owls away.

It just looked like they decided that being up by 5 at the half justified conservative play in the second. Unfortunately, Temple, led by Dustin Salisberys' (left with John Chaney) 15 pts. in the second (23 overall), got hot, hitting two free throws and then 2 consecutive 3's to pull away 47-40, sounding the death knell for the Explorers with 12:16 left to play.

Temple also won the battle for second chance points, scoring 20 to La Salle's 9. Oh yes, probably the most telling stat of the game were the points off of turnovers. From La Salle's 19 turnovers, Temple scored 25 points, while holding the Explorers to only 5 turnovers and 3 points.

Harris's hot streak in the first half is what the Explorers need more of, as I've said before, but he can't do it alone. Thomas's 3 points aren't going to cut it. St. John was under the boards a bit more than usual today, coming up with 8 rebounds, and his time outside the arc was limited to only 2 shots, hitting for his usual 1. Only a minute-long appearance from Sherman Diaz this time around, where he contributed exactly one missed shot and one turnover.

Wednesday should be a re-organization day for the Explorers. They host the Rhode Island Rams, who sits at 7-6 overall, 1-1 conference, but has had a tough road thus far. Looking farther ahead, a Big 5 matchup against St. Joes is looming next Saturday.

Judging by these past two losses, the Explorers need to re-tool their strategy and find a way to get pumped up for these games in order to maintain their former winning ways. They have talent, but just need to act on it.

The Pats deserved to lose tonight, they might as well not have even tried. I'm shooting for the Broncos now, because I can't find it within myself to get behind the Colts, and I certainly detest the Steelers too much to ever cheer for them.

I wore shorts today and now it's snowing out. What the hell?

14 January, 2006

Senator, I propose we take a vote regarding lunchtime arrangements

I watched some of the Alito hearings this afternoon. Seriously the most boring thing you can imagine. Dude should get confirmed if he can decipher what the hell those crones are rambling about. Seriously, Arlen Specter (at left with Patrick Leahy) could talk to a concrete wall about nothing until it finally broke down and was like "fuck this" and crumbled on its own. I'm not sure who, exactly, he was talking to this afternoon because there was nobody else sitting at the table besides Leahy, and he wasn't looking at the crowd that had gathered under the auspices that something important was happening. It wasn't. NPR did a fine job cutting through the nonsense with their Audio Highlights, but I couldn't take the live coverage so I quickly found much more interesting programming through an On-Demand show about the Roman coliseum. I mean, they flooded the damn thing with water, that's awesome. In other news there's a fake Google profile of Alito hanging around still that's mildly amusing.

Good news: pitchers and catchers report in a little over a month. This makes me happy, because it means that my favorite first base coach, Lynn Jones of the Red Sox, will be back at his post again, stroking his now-legendary moustache and dispensing what I can only imagine to be sage advice on life skills and the proper pitch count on which to run. They need to get that dude a 10-gallon hat with the logo, not that awkward cap.

I'm going to call the playoffs right now, so why bother with the season? On the AL side, I'll take the Red Sox, White Sox, Oakland with the Tigers as a Wild Card bid. In the NL, I'll go with the Braves (sorry Minaya), Astros and Diamondbacks, with the Reds taking the Wild Card. Don't take those to the bank, just my ill-informed guesses based on nothing, really.

I am really looking forward to classes starting up again, since I've often found myself lacking productive things to do this week. I have been writing a bit, even made an appearance at the CP offices the other day, but I still am stuck with that malaise that comes with too much time off. Two Lit. classes and a writing class should make me pine for the halcyon days of break though, so I suppose I should be thankful.

My car sounds like a diesel truck, so I'm trying to drive it as little as possible until I can get it checked out. It was recently looked at, but it sounds poor again, which I'm always skeptical about, what with the proximity to the engine being 'tuned.' Oh well, it's a rather worn in (269,700 miles on it) vehicle which I nicknamed 'the tank' some years back for it's seeming reluctance to quit. I just hope it doesn't go up anytime soon.

Cingular sends me two bills every month; one for the regular amount, and one for like $5. They're idiots.

If you haven't checked out Frank Visco's awesome facial hair, I encourage you to do so over at Facebook. I also encourage you to make sure he maintains that facial hair for the duration of the year.

12 January, 2006

Rainy Night in College Basketball

Williams, who had 10 blocks, was only challenged early by Caner-Medley
10 3-pointers, a triple-double from Shelden Williams, 27 points for Reddick (and 4 3's), only 12 points from McCray, and 29 turnovers sealed the fate of the Terps against The Blue Devils. Duke's defense was just too good, holding MD, who averaged 84.7 ppg before tonight, to only 52. Strawberry and McCray had a combined 2 assists. Yeah, the Terps need a real point guard real bad, someone like Steve Blake to sit back and run the offense, not try to go to the basket like Strawberry does. The only real highlight for the Terps was the 41 rebounds to Duke's 29.

Overall, I didn't really expect the Terps to win, but I did expect them to show up in a bigger way than they did. Coming into mid-season, it seems the Terps are stumbling over themselves. Their biggest need, in my opinion, is someone to really take control at point. This spreading the wealth around is nonsense. Hand the ball to Sterling Ledbetter (think Steve Francis, they went through the same development program) and let him run the offense and use Strawberry as the 6th man.

La Salle also lost tonight, 64-52, to a very decent Charlotte team that has had a tougher overall schedule to this point in the season. The Explorers looked lazy it seemed, stemming from Coach Giannini, who sat on the bench as if he'd just polished off an turkey and needed a nap. Charlotte killed it with threes, something La Salle has struggled with defending, and turned the game into a track meet down the floor. La Salle tried to run with them without slowing it down, and suffered for it.

On the bright side, Mike St. John had 13 rebounds, most of which were defensive, and Steve Smith had his typical double-double under the watchful eyes of about 10 NBA scouts. Charlotte, however, had 37 rebounds. Couple that with La Salle's 19 turnovers, and you have the Explorers coming up short and dropping to 1-2 in conference play.

Things only get tougher from this point, so they need to work out some of the kinks in their game before they totally tank in the A-10. I'd like to see Jermain Thomas and Darnell Harris get more looks from outside to try and draw some attention from Smith, Fadipe and St. John under the boards.

Also, they really need less of St. John playing outside the arc. Dude's 6'8" for a reason, and it ain't for shooting the 3. I wish that Sherman Diaz would get more playing time for La Salle, he's quite a gamer despite what seems like a propensity to admire his own shots a bit too much instead of getting back on D.

The Temple game on Saturday should be interesting. Maybe Chaney will choke-slam a cheerleader and make Sportscenter's top-10. I doubt it though.

10 January, 2006

Oh football

Joe Paterno is in hot water by NOW for something he said about the alledged sexual assault by A.J. Nicholson (Linebacker, Florida State) toward a female student. The guy just turned 80, he comes from a different set of values (i.e. strong men, subservient women) than the modern times (i.e. metrosexuals, NOW representatives), just cut him a b reak. He's just got a sense of humor. I listened to the audio of the thing, and he was clearly joking. In the rest of the audio, it was clear that he didn't support, you know, illegal sexual assault.
"There's some tough -- there's so many people gravitating to these kids," said Paterno. "He may not have even known what he was getting into, Nicholson. They knock on the door; somebody may knock on the door; a cute girl knocks on the door. What do you do?" "Geez. I hope -- thank God they don't knock on my door because I'd refer them to a couple of other rooms," Paterno continued. "But that's too bad. You hate to see that. I really do.
Marcus Vick needs to get himself under control. If I were an NFL GM, there's no way I'd draft this guy, he's too much of an arrogant asshole, it seems.

Awesome video. Needs more boobs, though. I can't decide whether the woman in it is hot or not, though.

Drew was into Chuck Norris before Chuck Norris was into Chuck Norris. Now there's all this hullabaloo, and College Humor is all into him and stuff. Oh well.

Bode Miller is such a frat boy. And he's kinda famous.

Don't fuck with the Mice (okay, rats) of Nimh.

The Terps play Duke tomorrow night at 9 on ESPN. Shit is going to be close, it always is. MD has beaten Duke in their past 3 meetings, and taken 5 of the last 8. If someone is going to beat Duke this year, it'll be the Terps. They may have lost to Miami on Saturday, but they always show up in a big way for these games. They just have to contain the outside shooting, which they didn't do for Miami, and keep Shelden Williams in control. They'll need to make sure McCray scores more than 5 points, and not rely on Strawberry at the point. Oh yeah, and make an attempt at rebounding for second chance points.

Going to the La Salle game tomorrow night, too, at 7. They're doing well after a shitty loss to Hofstra, beating Richmond and Duquesne in a row. I'm trying to go to La Salle's home games for the rest of the semester. We'll see.

09 January, 2006

Journalism is fun

American troops broke in to the home of Dr. Ali Fadhil, a journalist in Iraq who was working for the Guardian as a correspondent, as well as a film investigating claims that tens of millions of dollars worth of Iraqi funds held by the Americans and British have been misused or misappropriated. He asked for an interview with US authorities days before the raid regarding some things they had uncovered, and was denied.
"We need a convincing assurance from the American authorities that this terrifying experience was not harassment and a crude attempt to discourage Ali's investigation," said the films director, Callum Macrae.
Yeah, sure. Of course they were interested in what they found, that's why they took the video that they had shot for the film and haven't returned it. That's why they took him into questioning. He's a journalist, not an insurgent. Breaking into an award winning journalists home where his wife and children are sleeping, under the guise of looking for 'insurgents,' taking his work and taking him into custody is pretty poor.

Interestingly enough I couldn't find word of this in the American Media. Fadhil spent three months studying at the University of Pennsylvania on a Fulbright Scholarship for journalism, but decided to return to Iraq to be with his family.
"The media in America didn't reflect anything of the reality inside Iraq," he said. "There were stories about the new Iraqi constitution, about building the police force ... but 12 car bombs in Baghdad would just get a small mention at the end of a news bulletin. I thought that if I could at least get back, I could make films that told the rest of the world what was really happening."
Speaking of Philadelphia and things going on here, Judge Alito will begin his Senate Hearings on Tuesday for his appointment to the Supreme Court. After serving on the federal appeals court here for 15 years, he's the candidate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. She is the swing vote on the court, and the one who kept things balanced between Democrats and Republicans, however small the difference between them may be. In that vein, it would be wise for Alito to try to curtail his conservative associations somewhat, because associating with people like Rick Santorum make me dislike the man. I mean, he seems like a good Christian and a moral person (Alito that is), but that's why I kind of balk at his appointment. Santorum (read: conservative whack-job) hawking his nomination scares me a bit.

Dude offers consulting for those who find themselves going to federal prison. Kind of a niche occupation, and I don't know if I would trust my clients to pay if I were he, but I'm going to keep this site mind for future reference. You know, in case I decide to steal government secrets and sell them to French Guiana or something.

Lindsay Lohan is having the worst week ever. She went in to the hospital for an 'asthma attack' and has since been ousted as a drug addict and a bullemic. Oh, and she may just be pregnant. Ha ha, on well. Sorry you have all that money, I really am.

Interesting pictures of run-down and abandoned places. Kind of like the ones I used to enjoy by Rob Dobi. There's only so much peeling paint and cracked sinks one can look at though, so view with moderation.

Blog by this woman names Susan Mernit, who writes some interesting things on occasion. She tends to wander in her writing a lot, but who am I to talk.

Really easy to get lost in this site. Much cleaner than SEPTA, too.

Jesus was a stoner. As if that comes as a surprise to anyone. White dude, beard, long hair, sandals, wore lots of robes, thought he could talk to god...
"There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion," Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said.
Philadelphia's KYW News Radio is turning 40 this year. I celebration, here are their catchy jingles from through the years. Enjoy!

05 January, 2006

Music is pretty cool, I guess

I'm a big fan of music, and like many others who claim the same, I have my list of albums. Not albums that are 'the best ever' or a 'top ten' or anything, just albums I can listen to at, really, any given moment. Like, those albums you listen to when you can't figure out what you want to listen to. I know Tsikitas may appreciate this list, or at least the concept. In no particular order:

Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
Radiohead - OK Computer
The Slip - Angels Come on Time
Weezer - Pinkerton
Mike Doughty - Rockity Roll
Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later
At the Drive In - Relationship of Command
Bjork - Medulla
American Nightmare - Background Music
The Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary
Saves the Day - Can't Slow Down
Converge - You Fail Me
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
Thursday - War all the Time

Speaking of music, on the ride home from Boston the other day I listened to Fall Out Boy's From Under the Cork Tree, the CD with they have ridden to fame. Anyhow, after listening to about half of it, I figured out why I liked it so much. They sound exactly like Brand New, mixed in with a little bit of Saves the Day. Also, they ripped off Dexy's Midnight Runners just a hair. But mostly it's their striking resemblance to Brand New. Not that it's a bad thing, I guess. I still listened to and liked the whole album.

If you like music and enjoy finding out about some stuff you perhaps may not have heard, you should check out Pandora. It categorizes songs by different qualities, so when you say you like a song it plays other songs like that one. The more you listen the better songs come up because it narrows down your likes and dislikes. Kind of sweet, really.

This is a pretty great website with some good essays by people who aren't hacks such as myself. It's much better reading than this blog, I assure you.

Great picture of the leader of the church of satan with John Kerry, who appears to be making quite the case for his liberal standing. Too bad it's from the 80's.

My dad got his head shaved for charity, and I took a bunch of pictures. He collected over $250, which is great. And now he's completely bald. I like it. I think it looks a bit cleaner than the longer hair, which is good. I also scored a pair of hair clippers out of the deal because he's not using them anymore.

My own personal goal is to be able to grow a full beard and shave my head, but I don't think that's ever going to happen, on account of my facial hair lodging a protest of the entirety of my cheeks.

03 January, 2006

One of the housecats is getting fatter by the day

I'm back from my trip to the windy white north (read: Rhode Island and Boston), where I spent my time doing such things as existing in a sweltering cabin with less than hygienic Boy Scouts (not kidding). I also dropped a small chunk of change at Foxwoods, but the free drinks made it worth it, sort of. I also went to a rather backwater bar where the girls had fewer teeth than hockey players pre-faceguards. Good fries though.

I also came into a summer job (at camp, again). I'm switching camps, moving to Three Point to be the Assistant Camp Director. That probably means nothing to 90% of the people reading this, but it's a huge change for me.

Gwen got the new Prince of Persia game and it is awesome. I'm still hopelessly addicted to MVP though.

I've been getting more work for the CP lately, which is always nice since they pay decently sometimes. Well, rarely, but still. The best part was getting a call from Lori (A&E Editor) about an article she needed written while I was on a hike in the middle of the Rhode Island woods. Did the article, but it was still amusing.

The La Salle men's team lost to Hofstra a few days back by 1. That's pretty shitty. They won their A-10 opener though, so I guess it's okay. Vince Young is the new Michael Vick, only he can actually throw a decent pass from the pocket. I need to play Madden next year if he and Reggie Bush both enter the draft (not likely, but still).

I've been enjoying the new hot sauce I got immensely. It's hot, but not spicy. It goes well on everything, much like Old Bay.

I need to start cooking more this semester, speaking of food and the like. I can't subside ordering pizza and take out from the lunch truck every day, it's made me put on a few pounds this past semester. Not to mention that my budget really is not too conducive to eating out soo much. Fried food is so good though, damnit.

Also I need to get back to reading the newspaper soon. I have been running around so much lately I really haven't had the time. I've gone and gotten a subscription to the New Yorker, though, so I am really looking forward to seeing that on the back of the toilet on a daily basis.

My friend Jim got on board and started himself a blog. He's pretty much as bitterly cynical as myself, so it makes for good reading.

While in Boston Gwen and I went to Red Bones, one of my favorite eateries. While there I sampled two of their many assorted ales they keep on tap, the St. Bernardus ABT 12, more commonly referred to as St. Bernardus Brown Ale. It was one of the best ales I've ever had, and I'd love to get my hands on a case of it somewhere. I believe I've seen it at the Foodery before so I will be going there soon. The other was some sort of cream porter, and was really nothing spectacular.

I apologize for having nothing terribly interesting, witty or insightful to write. Everything I've done in recent weeks has been terribly self indulgent or boring. I suppose that kind of goes hand in hand with not reading the newspaper lately.