09 January, 2006

Journalism is fun

American troops broke in to the home of Dr. Ali Fadhil, a journalist in Iraq who was working for the Guardian as a correspondent, as well as a film investigating claims that tens of millions of dollars worth of Iraqi funds held by the Americans and British have been misused or misappropriated. He asked for an interview with US authorities days before the raid regarding some things they had uncovered, and was denied.
"We need a convincing assurance from the American authorities that this terrifying experience was not harassment and a crude attempt to discourage Ali's investigation," said the films director, Callum Macrae.
Yeah, sure. Of course they were interested in what they found, that's why they took the video that they had shot for the film and haven't returned it. That's why they took him into questioning. He's a journalist, not an insurgent. Breaking into an award winning journalists home where his wife and children are sleeping, under the guise of looking for 'insurgents,' taking his work and taking him into custody is pretty poor.

Interestingly enough I couldn't find word of this in the American Media. Fadhil spent three months studying at the University of Pennsylvania on a Fulbright Scholarship for journalism, but decided to return to Iraq to be with his family.
"The media in America didn't reflect anything of the reality inside Iraq," he said. "There were stories about the new Iraqi constitution, about building the police force ... but 12 car bombs in Baghdad would just get a small mention at the end of a news bulletin. I thought that if I could at least get back, I could make films that told the rest of the world what was really happening."
Speaking of Philadelphia and things going on here, Judge Alito will begin his Senate Hearings on Tuesday for his appointment to the Supreme Court. After serving on the federal appeals court here for 15 years, he's the candidate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. She is the swing vote on the court, and the one who kept things balanced between Democrats and Republicans, however small the difference between them may be. In that vein, it would be wise for Alito to try to curtail his conservative associations somewhat, because associating with people like Rick Santorum make me dislike the man. I mean, he seems like a good Christian and a moral person (Alito that is), but that's why I kind of balk at his appointment. Santorum (read: conservative whack-job) hawking his nomination scares me a bit.

Dude offers consulting for those who find themselves going to federal prison. Kind of a niche occupation, and I don't know if I would trust my clients to pay if I were he, but I'm going to keep this site mind for future reference. You know, in case I decide to steal government secrets and sell them to French Guiana or something.

Lindsay Lohan is having the worst week ever. She went in to the hospital for an 'asthma attack' and has since been ousted as a drug addict and a bullemic. Oh, and she may just be pregnant. Ha ha, on well. Sorry you have all that money, I really am.

Interesting pictures of run-down and abandoned places. Kind of like the ones I used to enjoy by Rob Dobi. There's only so much peeling paint and cracked sinks one can look at though, so view with moderation.

Blog by this woman names Susan Mernit, who writes some interesting things on occasion. She tends to wander in her writing a lot, but who am I to talk.

Really easy to get lost in this site. Much cleaner than SEPTA, too.

Jesus was a stoner. As if that comes as a surprise to anyone. White dude, beard, long hair, sandals, wore lots of robes, thought he could talk to god...
"There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion," Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said.
Philadelphia's KYW News Radio is turning 40 this year. I celebration, here are their catchy jingles from through the years. Enjoy!


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