03 January, 2006

One of the housecats is getting fatter by the day

I'm back from my trip to the windy white north (read: Rhode Island and Boston), where I spent my time doing such things as existing in a sweltering cabin with less than hygienic Boy Scouts (not kidding). I also dropped a small chunk of change at Foxwoods, but the free drinks made it worth it, sort of. I also went to a rather backwater bar where the girls had fewer teeth than hockey players pre-faceguards. Good fries though.

I also came into a summer job (at camp, again). I'm switching camps, moving to Three Point to be the Assistant Camp Director. That probably means nothing to 90% of the people reading this, but it's a huge change for me.

Gwen got the new Prince of Persia game and it is awesome. I'm still hopelessly addicted to MVP though.

I've been getting more work for the CP lately, which is always nice since they pay decently sometimes. Well, rarely, but still. The best part was getting a call from Lori (A&E Editor) about an article she needed written while I was on a hike in the middle of the Rhode Island woods. Did the article, but it was still amusing.

The La Salle men's team lost to Hofstra a few days back by 1. That's pretty shitty. They won their A-10 opener though, so I guess it's okay. Vince Young is the new Michael Vick, only he can actually throw a decent pass from the pocket. I need to play Madden next year if he and Reggie Bush both enter the draft (not likely, but still).

I've been enjoying the new hot sauce I got immensely. It's hot, but not spicy. It goes well on everything, much like Old Bay.

I need to start cooking more this semester, speaking of food and the like. I can't subside ordering pizza and take out from the lunch truck every day, it's made me put on a few pounds this past semester. Not to mention that my budget really is not too conducive to eating out soo much. Fried food is so good though, damnit.

Also I need to get back to reading the newspaper soon. I have been running around so much lately I really haven't had the time. I've gone and gotten a subscription to the New Yorker, though, so I am really looking forward to seeing that on the back of the toilet on a daily basis.

My friend Jim got on board and started himself a blog. He's pretty much as bitterly cynical as myself, so it makes for good reading.

While in Boston Gwen and I went to Red Bones, one of my favorite eateries. While there I sampled two of their many assorted ales they keep on tap, the St. Bernardus ABT 12, more commonly referred to as St. Bernardus Brown Ale. It was one of the best ales I've ever had, and I'd love to get my hands on a case of it somewhere. I believe I've seen it at the Foodery before so I will be going there soon. The other was some sort of cream porter, and was really nothing spectacular.

I apologize for having nothing terribly interesting, witty or insightful to write. Everything I've done in recent weeks has been terribly self indulgent or boring. I suppose that kind of goes hand in hand with not reading the newspaper lately.


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