12 January, 2006

Rainy Night in College Basketball

Williams, who had 10 blocks, was only challenged early by Caner-Medley
10 3-pointers, a triple-double from Shelden Williams, 27 points for Reddick (and 4 3's), only 12 points from McCray, and 29 turnovers sealed the fate of the Terps against The Blue Devils. Duke's defense was just too good, holding MD, who averaged 84.7 ppg before tonight, to only 52. Strawberry and McCray had a combined 2 assists. Yeah, the Terps need a real point guard real bad, someone like Steve Blake to sit back and run the offense, not try to go to the basket like Strawberry does. The only real highlight for the Terps was the 41 rebounds to Duke's 29.

Overall, I didn't really expect the Terps to win, but I did expect them to show up in a bigger way than they did. Coming into mid-season, it seems the Terps are stumbling over themselves. Their biggest need, in my opinion, is someone to really take control at point. This spreading the wealth around is nonsense. Hand the ball to Sterling Ledbetter (think Steve Francis, they went through the same development program) and let him run the offense and use Strawberry as the 6th man.

La Salle also lost tonight, 64-52, to a very decent Charlotte team that has had a tougher overall schedule to this point in the season. The Explorers looked lazy it seemed, stemming from Coach Giannini, who sat on the bench as if he'd just polished off an turkey and needed a nap. Charlotte killed it with threes, something La Salle has struggled with defending, and turned the game into a track meet down the floor. La Salle tried to run with them without slowing it down, and suffered for it.

On the bright side, Mike St. John had 13 rebounds, most of which were defensive, and Steve Smith had his typical double-double under the watchful eyes of about 10 NBA scouts. Charlotte, however, had 37 rebounds. Couple that with La Salle's 19 turnovers, and you have the Explorers coming up short and dropping to 1-2 in conference play.

Things only get tougher from this point, so they need to work out some of the kinks in their game before they totally tank in the A-10. I'd like to see Jermain Thomas and Darnell Harris get more looks from outside to try and draw some attention from Smith, Fadipe and St. John under the boards.

Also, they really need less of St. John playing outside the arc. Dude's 6'8" for a reason, and it ain't for shooting the 3. I wish that Sherman Diaz would get more playing time for La Salle, he's quite a gamer despite what seems like a propensity to admire his own shots a bit too much instead of getting back on D.

The Temple game on Saturday should be interesting. Maybe Chaney will choke-slam a cheerleader and make Sportscenter's top-10. I doubt it though.


Blogger Face of Spades said...

Somehow I never pegged you for a sports fan, Lou. Not enough yelling, I guess. Or inebriety.

9:19 AM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Drew said...

I predict that Giannini is the next Phil Jackson. And I base this on absolutely nothing.

11:46 PM, January 12, 2006  

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