16 January, 2006

Working Title

It's too bad Gary Neal had to go and get himself kicked out of La Salle. Seems to be making a great deal of noise at Towson. I kind of wish he still played for La Salle.

They could use the help on the outside shooting. I think he'd be a great compliment to Smith inside, as he poses more of a scoring threat than Harris or Thomas. Oh well. He's quite a ball hog as I remember, but still.

La Salle plays Rhode Island on Wednesday afternoon, so pictures will be forthcoming for that one, as well as the St. Joes game on Saturday. They had better win both of those games, there's no reason they shouldn't.

The Terps looked great last night against Wake Forest last nigh. They got down for a few minutes early and I figured it was another typical Terps 'catch-up for 38 minutes and ultimately fall short' game, but thanks to Mike Jones' (Mike Jones) 3-point flurry, they got hot and stayed ahead. They have Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech up next, and should take those two games. Them they play Temple, a game which I plan to attend.

Joey Porter may be a bit overboard, but he's not totally off the deep end with this one. The Sports Prof. weighs in.

Great blog on ACC basketball.

Thorough blog on Mid-Majors. A bit confusing to navigate at times, but well put together in general.

Sacrilegious new post over at Debate Klub about their dead friend Dave. Pretty great.

Last semester of college commences tomorrow. I'm kind of looking forward to not being in school. I've detested school since I can remember, so this should be a nice change. I'm sure that once fall comes around I'll miss being able to sleep in until like 11 every day because I registered all late classes, but all the same I'll be glad to get out.

Those PSP commercials with the rats are the worst thing on television. I just saw a new one, something about portable cheese. Somehow that is supposed to relate to the PSP. Not sure how. They need more commercials like this one, which although pointless, at least look cool.

The Klan is getting desperate for members. Somebody should inform them that bigotry and racism are so 1950's.

Someone buy me this.

I've re-tooled the sidebar (to your right) to keep the personal blogs and the like separate from sports-themed links. I'm looking for a good A-10 blog, but I can't find one anywhere. If anyone would know, it would be Kevin Hyslop.