06 February, 2006

Pure Schlock

Okay so I may or may not have forgotten about writing in here. I also have been busy, but as my roommates have found the time to update, I suppose I can do the same.

I'm going to Ireland on Thursday for 10 days over spring break. Today was the day that I finally got all my stuff together, including a late passport and some final forms to fill out. I tried to go to the big Wachovia downtown to convert some money to Euros, but they directed me to a small place on 15th and JFK, so I decided to take Gerards advice and rely on my ATM card while there. I'll hit an ATM at the airport in Shannon when we land.

While there I'm going to several places, including Bunratty, Aran Island, Killarney, Cork, Galway, Limerick and others. Staying around the Southwest area, as Northern Ireland is a little less than friendly. Something about bombs and religion.

I've never been out of the country before, and I am somewhat glad to be going to a country in which English is widely spoken.

I'm taking some long books on the plane, and some earplugs. I hear Sandiford snores.

I'm looking forward to not checking my e-mail or voicemail; I am also going to go through gmail withdraw. If anyone still lives in the dark ages (read: you don't have gmail) and want to get on board, leave your e-mail and you'll get an invite.

Drew did his best Linda Blair impression on Monday night, except he was possessed by Old Grandad and Jaeger. Ahh birthdays...

Sam started a fantasy baseball league, and through some heavy twisting of my arm (okay he just asked) I'm on board. Team name? Baron Von Seydow.

To anyone who has played more than a season in MVP, this article will read like past tense.

New comic at Debate Klub. Good stuff. They've been posting every Sunday, and I enjoy it immensely.

Good article on J.J. Reddick by someone who hates Duke.

Maybe I'll try to update again with something of worth before leaving for Ireland. Hopefully. More than likely it'll read as pure schlock, though. Apologies.

03 February, 2006

Posting from work, bored as always

For all four years of college I have been working at Backstage. For those of you who are unfamiliar with La Salle, Backstage is the campus coffee shop that has weekend events sometimes like musicians and dance parties for the 'grown and sexy.'

While not a terribly lucrative or involved job, it does afford me with the chance to get a vast majority of my reading for the upcoming week completed. I also get free coffee, which is perhaps the biggest plus. Despite the general slow, plodding pace that the hours tick by in Backstage, there is, on occasion, an interesting evening. That evening was Friday.

The women's basketball team had a home game that night, and some parent of some girl on some horrid 8-10 softball team decided that the team should have a night out to see the game (the Explorers lost). Then they decided that it would also be a good idea to come over to Intermissions (the restaurant attached to Backstage) and eat. While waiting for the food to be ready, all 7 of the girls came in and sat at the bar, and wouldn't you know it, they all wanted hot chocolate. They didn't need hot chocolate as they seemed to be riding quite the sugar rush already, but I made it anyway.

Then they proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions, like "do you know how to do math," and "do you know how to do English." I also heard all the 'your mom's so...' jokes in their repertoire, as well as a variety of brain teasers. I was also asked if I was PT, which I answered yes to the first time (I'm a pregnant teenager) and no to the second time (I'm not potty trained).

On Saturday night I had a guy screw up his tea three times in a row. I tried to tell him the first two times that you can't put lemon and Half & Half in tea together, but he tried it twice. The third time he put in too much sugar or something and wanted another new one. I charged him for all three on principle. Also he didn't give me a tip. What a jerk.

La Salle finally got a win on Sunday over UMass despite a frigid shooting effort by the Explorers in the second half. Beat Duquesne on Wednesday, too, but that was no shock as the only thing keeping Duquesne out of the bottom of the A-10 is St. Bonaventure. Saturday's game against Temple should be interesting, seeing as how the Owls look better and better every game, and Mardy Collins can't be stopped. Too bad I can't go.

My buddy Jeremy started a blog and he's posting mixtapes he makes. Pretty great stuff, hopefully he keeps it going. Check it out.

Here's another pretty great mixtape site that will generate a tracklist on request. They say it's done by robots, but I suspect it's run by music elitist's with too much time.

Denise is back on the wagon with the Tightened Corset. Don't let her fool you, she's a big softie inside. She's going to hit me for that.

Here is the new Zelda Trailer. I can't wait to watch Gwen play this. I saw a guy with a Tri Force t-shirt on today and got excited because I'm geeky like that I guess.

CP article about the tattoo convention this weekend. I'm reluctant to go because I don't want to get my ass kicked by some big lug who took offense at my stereotyping. Hey folks, stereotypes are created for a reason...

Hopefully my word on the street thing about the Khyber makes it through the Duane edits and gets published. If not, apparently I still get paid for the effort though, which is nice but not really the point now is it?

New piece up at Origivation about Paper Tiger. They spelled interview wrong in the graphic, which annoys me, but all the same.

I'm still in debt, which sucks, and I got screwed out of a job that was going to pay me some decent money; if anyone wants to contribute, let me know.