27 March, 2006

Fantasy world

I'm pretty excited for baseball season to start (sorry Gwen). I'm playing fantasy baseball this year, though I won't be able to update my team that often and will probably get trounced once July rolls around.

I tried to pick as many young guys as I could this year, in the hopes that they will all have breakout seasons. While I realize that this is more than likely going to turn out quite poorly, here's hoping. I did get Papelbon, Joe Mauer, Lyle Overbay, Chris Burke, Scott Kazmir, and Nick Swisher, though. I got Manny too, so hopefully he gets pissed at the Sox and goes on a full-season tear.

On another note, I did pick up Bronson Arroyo, half because I like him and think he's a good pitcher, and half because I feel bad for what happened to him. If you're not familiar, he signed a deal that he got the short end of, money wise, so he could stay and play in Boston, a city that he loves. Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein both maintain that there was no good faith agreement or anything similar implicit in the contract, but Arroyo could have gotten more money elsewhere but stayed because, well gee, he loves A. The game and B. The city. Trading him for an outfielder a few months later wasn't what he had in mind, I'm sure.

I can't tell you (and I'm sure many of you know) how slowly these last few weeks of senior year are going by. I've given up on doing any semblance of quality work, choosing instead to do the bare minimum and scrape by for sanity's sake. I just can't wait for this semester to be over already.

Since blogger isn't letting me upload pictures or a larger file size as I could before, I've put them in a webshots folder. That said, here are some more pictures from Ireland.

Has anyone else seen the new Skittles commercial? It's the wierdest thing I've seen on TV in a long, long time.

I've been listening to some random stuff lately, mostly things I used to listen to in say, middle and early high school. Operation Ivy, The Descendents, Rancid, Gorilla Biscuits, and Slayer, to name the most prevalent things on my itunes at the moment. No particular reason for this turn of musical events, either.

I think that it helps me work faster, when I am doing work and not just putzing aimlessly on the interweb. It kind of makes me work at a frenetic pace, as far as typing goes, which is better than listening to, say, Phish and staring at the keyboard and alternately the monitor for a full 5 minutes between sentences.

Woody Paige won on Around the Horn this afternoon. I still like Max Kellerman more than Reali, though, as Reali goes beyond annoying and mutes everyone all too often.

Tony Kornheiser also said, on Sportscenter this evening, that he was only at the NBA owners meetings in Washington 'for the free food.' I immediately thought of Bertucci...


Blogger Drew said...

Nick Swisher is the truth.

6:48 AM, March 28, 2006  
Blogger GonzoMC said...

Hey man, is it too late to get in on this baseball fantasy tip? I've contemplated getting into it, though I'm sure I'll be way over my head too. Are you playing in a specific league, and can you give me some pointers on how to get started? I need some tutelage. Gratzi.

2:47 AM, March 29, 2006  

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