23 April, 2006

So much to accomplish, so little motivation

In order to keep things nice and tidy around here, I will be moving all future baseball musings and the like over to Insurance Runs, a collaborative blog by a couple people. It will make Gwen happy, but I'm sure my posts here will have even less content than they do now.

This past weekend was the last Masque show I'll be involved in, which is kind of depressing but nice at the same time. I really only got back into tech and such this year, but it's been something I've enjoyed immensely and I'll definitely miss it.

I'm quite pleased to be graduating in two weeks, but there is so much stuff to be done in the interm. I need to visit the dentist (probably twice), the optometrist, the doctor, the parking office here at school, and figure out how to move a ton of stuff to both an apartment in Philly and back to MD for the summer. It's a lot, and most of it includes driving too and from MD, which takes up some time. I suppose I will accomplish most of that during finals week.

I am pretty happy about going up to camp early this year, though. I am planning on heading up to Rhode Island on the May 17, or thereabouts. I'll be able to just do regular work like mowing fields and stacking wood and such, and generally getting in some sort of shape for the rest of the summer, since my current workout routine consists of lifting myself from the couch or computer desk, walking to the refrigerator, and back again.

This week is shaping up to be quite busy, but not in the staying up late to get work done sort of busy. I am working at the Penn Relays again this year on Thursday night and Saturday all day, and Friday night is the Masque formal. In between there is stuff for the Collegian, and classes to go to. It's busy, but not unmanageable.

This website is pretty neat, there's some crazy looking stuff.

I can't imagine how much work it took to put this video together. It looks pretty cool though.

Ha ha ha.

06 April, 2006

Clothes Line Saga

Since the weather is nice again, and the breeze is more refreshing than anything else, it makes me wish that we had clotheslines running across the alley, a-la the classic pictures of New York tenement housing. I would love to do the laundry and then hang up my sheets, long johns and socks on the line to dry in the wind. Actually, that seems like a good deal of effort. I guess I like the dryer in the basement after all.

The new Flaming Lips album is not bad. It's not amazing, or epic or anything, either. It just is. Maybe I should give it a thorough listen instead of just having it on while I'm doing work. They always remind me of Moby, in a way. The end of 'The Stars Are So Big, I Am So Small, Do I Stand a Chance?' is straight from Nick Drake. It's a pretty decent album, I supopse. Kind of innocuous, but decent none the less.

Tonight Drew, Drew, Gwen and I played Quizzo in Backstage. Also on our team: Seydow and Joe Simon from IT. We cleaned up, winning with a total of 62 out of a possible 80 points. Perhaps the best moment of the night was Stephan answering a bit of trivia for which I have been mocking him for about 3 and a half years. Who would have thought that him knowing that Bill Paxton was killed by the Terminator, Alien and the Predator would have ever come in handy? But still, $15 to spend at Best Buy for an evening of free pizza and such is pretty damn sweet.

This week is finally coming to a close. I've finished my work, it's mostly been on time. Tomorrow is the Collegian informal at the Dark Horse Pub down in center city, which should be pretty fun. Saturday is the real Collegian formal, somewhere in the depths of South Philly. Again, food and drinks for only $15, not a bad deal.

I just realized this evening that Easter is next weekend, and therefore we have Friday and Monday off from class.

On an unrelated note, I don't like the 'Papelbon as closer' idea that's been going around lately. He's been touted as 'The next Clemens,' and if not that, then at least a quality starter in the very near future. So why send him to the rear of the 'pen? Last I checked they still had Timlin, and he didn't do too badly last season... If Schilling struggle late (or early) in the season, let Papelbon start for him and let him close it out. There's some options there, but I think Dirt Dogs has it wrong (for once ever). I just found a great blog that has a bit to say about baseball, so check it out for more on Papelbon as closer and other Sox stuff. This one isn't too bad either.

05 April, 2006

Backstage is boring on Wednesdays

It's a good thing the Sox got rid of Bronson Arroyo. He went 6 and a third, struck out 7 and homered in his debut with the Reds. Not too shabby. And his hair didn't look like it was a cruel Manny Ramirez joke. Willy Mo Pena better hit 30+ home runs this year off the bench...

The Maryland women's team won the national championship in the women's tournament. I finished 1,204 among all brackets for the women's tournament of ESPN.com. I had all of the final four teams save LSU, and picked MD to win. If only I would have done better in the earlier rounds... Ant to think, I put thought in to my men's bracket this year (finished dead least in my pool and 2,247,888 in the nation overall) and filled out my women's bracket in under 20 seconds. New strategy next year...

Only two more issues of the Collegian left to go. Ever. It's kind of sad, in a way. I remember going down there for the first issue being put out my freshman year and copy editing. I remember getting an editor position halfway through the year. I remember Adam half drunk with tin foil on his head. It's been a fun four years, and a long four years. I am, however, happy with the editors for next year, for the most part, and I think (hope) they'll do a fine job.

I like to read, but like Drew, I really hate cop-outs. They're cheap, and they tell me the writer didn't really think over what or who their characters are before putting them in certain situations, or that they are too lazy to go back and revise a previous chapter or section of their work. I just finished the book Bel Canto, and when I finished it around 7am this morning, my Bill Wine Bullshit Meter (TM) went straight to terror alert red (or mauve, it doesn't matter). It just annoys me when there is a convenient twist in a book that allows things to happen three pages from the end of a book that are completely not validated. I mean, yes, if you're reading a murder mystery or suspense novel or something, then sure, surprise me. However, this book is completely based on the characters and their development together as a group, I felt really cheated after reading the last few pages.

Drew, and anyone really: if I ever write a book, or short story, or something in which I take the same liberties I have just claimed to despite, I give you full rights to never let me forget it. Or, you know, give me a swirlie. It's up to you.

03 April, 2006

Anna Nicole Benson

Best baseball article ever. DJ Gallo, you are most certainly a genius.

Anna Benson is an idiot, and a golddigger. Check out her website. if you don't believe me. Hell check it out anyway, it's hilarious. Make sure you have the sound on. Kris Benson is going to slump this year for the Orioles, it's almost a guarantee. Since their divorce, the team has nothing to look forward too (i.e. Kris cheating on her and the whole team getting laid), and he's going to be pretty depressed. Or happy that he's rid of that psycho, who knows. Funny article about his tenure with the Mets here.

Speaking of the Orioles, can their season just be scratched now so Leo Mazonne can have the whole year to work with the pitchers without them getting all depressed about losing almost every game? Because that's going to happen.

Opening day has been uneventful so far. Schilling pitched 7 solid innings. Pappelbon looked nasty. Ho Hum... The Orioles won. Surprise!

I'm still slogging through the semester, but the weather is turning so it's not so bad. Oil painting is a pretty interesting class. We had to paint a nude model for the past two weeks. Drew and I got pretty clutch seating. Here is my final painting. You'll see what I mean.

To the right you will see my unfinished still life, which I don't really have any feelings about either way. Anyhow, there are worse ways of spending a Thursday afternoon than painting. I could be in Bill Wine's class.

Speaking of painting, here are some great ones I saw while I was in Ireland. They're kind of large in real life, and kind of creepy.

If you are a big nerd, spend a good deal of time online, and feel that you are fairly computer savvy, then you should check out this website. It's a pretty complex online 'game' that I play on occasion. I've gotten to level 10 or so. Apparently, there are over 100 levels. Shit's complex.

My men's bracket tanked early, but my women's bracket is a-okay. I have MD and Duke in the final with MD winning. The only team I didn't have in the final four was UNC. I wish I had money riding on that one. Damn.

Don't care if they're nerds, I still hate Duke. Reddick shouldn't have won the Naismith for the simple reason that he's a huge baby.

I really want these glasses. Or these. And no, it's not just because they're the ones Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello wore. Okay maybe it is. Shut it.