12 May, 2006

Alice Cooper would be proud

School's out, for summer/
School's out, forever

Finished college. I have been packing my stuff for the past few days, and today was the big move. It took most of the day, and I'm pretty tired, but all my things are currently in residence in my Dad's basement. It's kind of surreal, finishing college. I mean, it's the culmination of 16 years of school; basically my entire life to this point. It's probably going to be even odder come fall, when there's no class to attend.

So anyhow, college was nice, but I really have never liked school, and all in all I am fairly glad t be finished. It's nice to know that should I decide to get a Masters degree, it will be my own choosing, and will take a much shorter time than getting a Bachelors.

Graduation is this Sunday, and on Saturday I am spending my last night ever at Uber St, albeit on an aerobed in my now empty room, but I digress. A few days after that I am heading to Rhode Island yet again for the summer to work at camp. I'm going up earlier this year than in the past because I can make some extra money and I don't really have anything else to do.

I hope it is not too foolish of me to take off for camp again this summer, seeing as how I will need to find employment in the fall. My reasoning is this: I have a much longer time to find a job and live my life post college, and this is basically the last time I will be un-attached to school or a normal job. I have somewhat of a last opportunity to work there, so I feel the need to take it. I realize that I may be shooting myself in the foot somewhat, with having to find a job and apartment in the fall rather than the spring when things open up more. Oh well.

Things are nice between Gwen and I. We have been together two years in April, and at the risk of sounding sappy, I am very comfortable with her. I like the way things are going. Hopefully I won't have to go the whole summer without seeing her.


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