09 October, 2006

Anthill Mob v. Vulture Squadron

I was thinking about that show Wacky Races today and how completely insane it is. Then I was thinking about the Amazing Race, and I guess it doesn't seem so far fetched. I definitely think the Anthill Mob was the best; they could definitely go toe-to-toe with the Corleones. Also, Penelope Pitstop sucked. She was the Smurfette of the Wacky Race circuit. I'm sure she had all manner of foul diseases.

This site is really awesome. If this was a real catalog I would be broke. Also, I would have no room in my apartment, what with the ridiculous Acme productry.

I don't particularly know what this thing is (I didn't make it to the FAQ's) but it seems to reduce anything you can throw in it to tiny pieces.

Holiday Inn has the funniest commercials on television, save the ones with that relatively useless commentator Joe Buck.


I wonder if Drew Bledsoe is just going to retire in shame after that last game. He didn't seem to happy at the press conference. Poor Drew. At least he got his 9th career rushing TD. Not that it's a silver lining, but it helps.


Blogger Sara said...

My mom and I put Drew Bledsoe on suicide watch after that game.

11:40 AM, October 10, 2006  

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