23 October, 2006

Bucks County Coffee is, coincidentally, across the street from my place of work

I (depicted on the left) generally do not wear a tie to work.

I had a disturbing thought this morning: If it were not for coffee, the past 5 years of my life would not have been possible. Not a joke.

Through college I worked at a coffee bar two or three days a week, which meant that I could get free coffee there anytime I wanted. This led to my affinity for straight espresso (with the occasional syrup additive). I would generally get at least one coffee there aday, coupled with my morning brew (from home or the lunch truck), and another in the evening.

When I needed to stay up late working on the Collegian, an assignment, or my MVP points, coffee was my constant, my guiding light in the dark seas of the A.M. I generally take it with cream only, but I do enjoy a good, black coffee from the French Press.

Over the summer it so happened that I was around the dining hall at camp much of the time. It didn't really help that there was generally a pot of fresh coffee brewed, brewing, or able to be brewed in minutes. Yeah, I wore out Seth's French Press too (which I still have. Thanks buddy!)

While I do not particularly have a desire to stop drinking coffee, as I really do enjoy the taste (probably more so than beer), I do concede that I may, perhaps, drink a little too much. Coffee, not beer.

I've been making an effort to cut down lately, and it seems to be working out quite well. I have a single cup in the morning now, and perhaps one when I get home from work during the mid-afternoon doldrums.

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