30 October, 2006

"In his final words I found an ace that I could keep"

Tony Luke Jr. was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay this month cooking cheesesteaks. Pretty good episode, but honestly, they both went way overboard on their steaks? Broccoli? Homemade provolone sauce? Come on, please. Tony Luke won (of course. You don't eff with this man), but he didn't come off as some sort of South Philly rube as I had expected.

I really like Throwdown, but it always comes off as incredibly cheesy and fake. I mean it is cheesy and kind of fake, but still. I would love to see someone say no to his challenge.
Flay: "I'm challenging you to a throwdown, Tony Luke."
Luke: "I don't need no New Yorker challenging me. Get outta here with your broccoli rabe bullshit."
::Luke shoves a visibly frustrated / surprised Flay back into the crowd::
That is how it played out in my mind, anyhow.

Not to harp on the Kenny Rogers thing, but I have been listening to Mike Doughty's cover of "The Gambler" almost constantly lately. There's something about Doughty in general that I just love. His are songs I can listen to at any given time, unlike, say, Radiohead or American Nightmare, for which I have to be in the mood. Thanks to James for turning me on to him last year, and whose blog is also named after a Doughty song.

The new Regina Spektor album "Begin to Hope" makes me feel full and warm inside. The song "Samson" is fantastic.

If anyone has a larger-sized Crock Pot they're willing to part with (like, big enough to make a sizeable stew or roast), or knows where to get one, I would definitely appreciate it. I want to make a stew, a roast, and pulled beef/pork BBQ sometime in the next month, and a crock pot would really help out with that process.

I just jumped on the Blogrolling bandwagon, so I apologize if the links to your immediate right get a little unwieldy. In general, the only thing that will change frequently is the 'Recently Stumbled' list, which I will add things too as I browse the internet aimlessly during the darker of the A.M. hours.

Check out Insurance Runs for some baseball musings in general.

I need to start reading the news again. I haven't in a couple weeks and I feel completely disconnected from everything. I suppose that's what the baseball postseason does, though.


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