09 October, 2006

Slow afternoon

Fall is such an odd season. It's cold sometimes, it's so hot it makes you sweat through a t-shirt others. I love it though, because of the days like today that are right there in the middle. I rode my bike around for a bit this afternoon after getting off of work at Penn, and took a few pictures (with Gwen's camera).

As I was coming home from work, some people beginning their Cityear were crowded onto the large swath of sidewalk behind the Marketplace Design Center Building. They were working on a team-building activity like the ones the C.O.P.E. kids go through at camp. A heavyset blonde girl, mopping her forehead with a napkin she pulled from her bookbag told me that "This [activity] is a waste of my time." The girl facilitating the activity rolled her eyes.

I picked up a cookbook for an article I'm working on for the Local, and when I came out of the building, 5 police cars had converged on a silver Nissan, blocking off 19th St. The police had pulled a man in a white T-Shirt from the car and had his hands on the roof while they searched his trunk. I would have liked to see him run, but today I had no such luck. The police seem to have lapsed into boredom before I did, and taking a cue from them, I left.

Heading East on South St. instead of riding further up 16th to get to the heart of the city, I came out to a section of Broad from South to Lombard that was sectioned off from traffic. A group of three opportunistic skaters had set up shop with a small box that they had pulled from a nearby skate-friendly house.

They all go to U-Arts, and live right in the area, and I've seen them skating around the neighborhood before. As I was taking some pictures, a guy with a sleeveless t-shirt and baggy jeans came by and yelled at the kid in the picture.

"I wished I'dve had a whole friggin block to myself when I used to ride those things. Youse are lucky," he said as he walked, predictably, toward South Philly.

I saw a PPA officer picking his nose this afternoon as well. More on the PPA later. I've had some funny intersctions with them lately (not like Drew's debacle of a year ago, though).


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