05 October, 2006

Sorry Dog, rules are rules

Here's hoping the one whose name shall not be spoken here runs all over the Eagles on Sunday. I'm talking career numbers kind of day. Also, here's hoping he rolls his ankle on the final play of the game and is sidelined for the season.

I love Thursdays, because I don't have to be at Penn for too long, and I have Friday to myself. I think this afternoon I'll watch some baseball, go to the last drop and check some e-mail, and generally lay around. Man what a stressful day.

Did anyone else watch the Season 3 premier of Lost last night? I know Drew did. I think this season is going to be insane. So far what we've learned is that bears are smarter than Sawyer, and Jack won't let up on his father, even at an AA meeting. That island village looked pretty sweet, too. Except the Steven King book, that sucked.

Also, I'm really pissed at Project Runway. I thought the finale was last week, and it wasn't. I thought it was this week, and it was the 'effing reunion episode. I hope it's next week, because I think if it isn't I'm going to snap. Edit: DAMNIT. The finale is OCT. 18. At least next week there's a new episode that isn't the reunion, though. That's good.

Verizon is, collectively, the biggest group of bastards I have ever come across. However, some dude named Lee who works in the Technical Support Department has hooked it up (not literally. I wish) and gotten some technicians scheduled for a time that isn't inconvenient for everyone. Also, he called me last night to confirm the ticket had been put in, and called again this morning to confirm that it had gone through, and that I will be the last call on Friday, and if they can't make it, he told me he wrote on the ticket they'll call. Now that right there is some customer service. However the three shitty weeks prior to that do not make up for things.

Is it just me or does Nick Swisher look like a mix between Hulk Hogan and Luke Perry? Not entirely like either one, but he's doing his best.

I missed Bill Simmons' live chat yesterday. That makes me a sad panda, especially because his chats are archived for 'ESPN Insiders Only' immediately after they're finished, so if I miss it, I really miss it. I need to get an Insider account like now.


Blogger PatrickH said...

I dunno, the season premiere of Lost canna ticked me off because it completely ignored the big magnetic explosion that happenned back at the hatch, and only focussed on three members of the cast.

Not to mention the flashback thing is getting old. It's just starting to seem silly to me. What, something about being imprisonned in an aquarium made Jack think about the time he thought his wife was sleeping with his dad?

7:39 PM, October 07, 2006  
Blogger Sara said...

Lost made my brain explode.

As to comment above, I think they'll go back to the explosion. Remember the ep 'The Other 48 Days'? That went back to the very beginning. So they can go back without messing up the plot I think.

11:39 AM, October 10, 2006  

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