02 October, 2006

::Yawn:: Well hey blog, is that you?

It's been some time. I've come out of the woods and moved to an apartment on Fitzwater St. in Philly with Gwen, which is going well.

The first month back here has been pretty insane, in general. From getting stuck in an elevator with three drunk beer dudes to the tires repeatedly failing miserably on my rickety bike, I really haven't been at a loss when it comes to things going on. I started working at the University of Pennsylvania in the Law School, working for their bi-annual publication the Penn Law Journal. It's an alright job, and affords me the liberty of setting my own schedule, so if I finish my required 25 hours before Friday, I don't have to come in on Friday. Which rules.

I'm also trying to get more freelance work, from the Citypaper, Chestnut Hill Local, Wonkavision, etc. Hopefully I can make rent, bills, student loans, and take out an independent health insurance policy.

I'm going to try and start updating my blog more often (read: ever) because we are getting the internet today eff Verizon. Seriously.

Speaking of things that are good, like getting internet, the Ravens are 4-0 on the season. Who knew? Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are kind of good, and McNair has shaken the embalming fluid from his veins for one more season.

Too bad whoever runs the Philly cable market puts the Jets, Bills, Giants, Steelers, Redskins, Cowboys and the Eagles in priority over the Ravens, so Drew and I are forced to watch the NFL Gamecast instead of the actual game.

Here's hoping the Eagles fo 0-fer the season from here on out. Eh, whatever, the AFC is still clearly a far superior league.

I've gotten in to reading the Wisdom section on the Esquire website. There's some pretty funny, ridiculous stuff in there along with the more poignant. Take, for example, this bit with Conrad Dobler. I like the part where he says that Doug Sutherland's fingers weren't there to "stroke his moustache." Trebek's is pretty good, too.


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