21 November, 2006

Eff Pith

I feel listless. I go to work at Penn, which is wholly unsatisfying in itself. I do freelance work here and there. Nevertheless, I don't feel satisfied with it, the job or the freelance writing. I hate writing stuff that is 250-300 words. I wish I could work on something longer, 1,000+ words at minimum. Something that isn't "pithy and to the point." I hate pithy. I can do it, but I don't like it.

I really would like to write some longer pieces that require more than one interview; something requiring research. I'm not saying I want to write for the Sunday New York Times (although I'm sure they pay well). I remember writing the cover piece on R5 for Origivation; how satisfying it was to write an article longer than a page. Sure, it was for a newsprint mag, and ultimately was read by maybe 20 people, but it's still satisfying. Writing for the Citypaper is great, and I get some steady work from them, but I hate having to boil things down so much. That's the way it goes freelancing; you take what you can get.

Part of the reason I feel so off lately is that I miss the outdoors. I spend so much time outside during the summer, away from TV, cars, and everything post 1910. From late August, though, that crap is overwhelming, especially living in the city. I love television, but I hate that when it's on I can't ignore it. I love riding my bike to work, but I still have a car and bitch about finding parking. The upstairs neighbors play music all night, and sometimes it's hard to get to sleep.

What I'm getting at is that I really want to go backpacking or something for a weekend. It isn't too far to the Pine Barrens in NJ, which are nice. I would also love heading to Dolly Sods in West Virginia; it's beautiful in the pre-winter cold, and the trails really aren't hard. There is a section of the Appalachian Trail not too far from Philadelphia, and there is a round trip loop, thus no backtracking. It's only 10 miles, an easy hike for one day. I'd love to take a longer trip though, like Friday Night/Saturday morning-Sunday evening. Take along some steak and potatoes to cook on a fire. That would be great. I think Gwen mentioned going hiking about a month ago, so we'll see. Can't go alone, you know.

Cold be damned, I need to get outside at some point. I think the two people with whom I am doing the C.O.P.E. weekends this spring (more on that later) mentioned going to the camp where the weekends will be held sometime soon. That would be awesome.

I was thinking about playing racquetball again, too. I found out there is a YMCA on Arch street that, apparently, has a court or two. Before any of this comes to fruition, though, I need to go to Md. and get my racquetball things, as well as my backpacking equiptment.

Survivorman influenced this post, by the way. Damn you Les Stroud. I love that show.


Blogger Drew said...

Yo, I was thinking the same thing. It's been years since I was outside and had to fend for myself - since I was in scouts, pretty much. When I camped out in State College last summer, it just felt right and I'd forgotten how much I missed it. If you're serious about this, let me know. And seems like we'd be running out of time a bit before the snow comes.

9:24 AM, November 22, 2006  

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