06 November, 2006

I do not believe what I said when I said that this man was not on drugs.

You really shouldn't listen to any Frank Zappa recording if you want to get any semblance of work accomplished. The chance to get caught up in one of those "what the hell did he just say?" moments is simply to great.

Then, of course, you have to Google pictures of Frank Zappa that perfectly illustrate those lyrical moments. See for reference the picture at left, found on the MySpace page of Miss Hightimes 2006 (true royal status unknown). Exactly.

I wish I knew how to play the tin whistle so bad. I know, I'm sure it's simple enough to learn and all. It's so annoying on its own though, and I'm sure the learning curve on such an instrument would scare Millie half to death.

Nov. 4 was the two year anniversary of my gmail usage. In that span I can't even begin to imagine the countless e-mails, nor the estimated repair costs I would accrue from banging my head against the wall if I had to go back to using any other e-mail program.

Bucks County Coffee had the Irish Cream roast this morning, which always makes me really happy. Yesterday it was Swiss Chocolate, and last Thursday (I don't go there on Friday) it was Chocolate Rasberry. Is it just me, or is there something weird about having chocolate and or fruit in your coffee? I think it's gross to have too much going on, I'd really rather just have a really good cup of darkly roasted coffee, French Pressed without cream.

I'm keeping busy with things this week, work-wise. I also need to get a new tire for my bike. I have had to ride the old one to work these past two days, and while it's fun to ride sometimes, it kind of makes me think of a car you know is going to die at any moment but you keep driving it anyway. The chain slips even after tensioning, the internal gears are going up and need grease, the brakes need adjusting (new wiring), as does the gear shift, and the fromt hub needs to be replaced. I still kind of like the bike, though, despite all it's misgivings. Still, the new bike I have is really fast, and I get to work quicker.

Riding this old bike, I feel like I'm in that scene from Wedding Crashers where Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are riding bikes at her fathers place in Annapolis, with that Mungo Jerry song "In the Summertime" playing. Except that it's not summer, I'm freezing and my bike sucks.


Blogger Drew said...

I rode my bike today, too. It was actually kinda nice. Other than that trip to the post office on Grays Ferry at 9 in the fucking morning.


1:41 PM, November 07, 2006  

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