08 November, 2006

Nancy Pelosi isn't a man(!), although her stance on gay rights leaves one to wonder...

I don't delve much into politics, although when I do read the occasional political article I understand what's going on. Unlike, say, a woman in my office this morning who I overheard talking about how "those awful republicans are out" and how she thinks it's "important to understand all the issues and candidates thoroughly before voting." Then she said that Nancy was an odd name for a guy. She was talking about Nancy Pelosi, of course, who is not, in fact, male. She's the first female speaker of the house for fucks sake, pictured at left (hint: she's the one in the middle waving.) Talk about being informed. Oh, and she also divulged this pearl of wisdom to whomever she was speaking to: "The house and the Senate aren't the same thing as Congress." Thanks.

I was cracking up every time they said the words "Situation Room" on CNN last night because all I could think of was 24. Also, the words 'blog' and 'blogosphere' no longer have meaning for me. That happens when you hear they constantly, over and over, for hours, out of the mouth of Wolf Blitzer (best name on TV). I suppose that the group of 'bloggers' that CNN assembled together did kind of resemble CTU, only much nerdier and without guns. Also, there was a Warren Zevon reference tossed out last night by the old guy sitting next to James Carvell. Score.

My favorite part of the storm of election coverage which was rained on my inbox, my desk and through just about every other media medium, is the humble, "can't we all just get along?" attitude adopted by the Republican party members.

Two years ago when Bush was re-elected and the Republicans held the majority over all branches of the government, it was seen as a referendum by the party to engage in the equivalent of political playtime, claiming "a mandate to shape both foreign and domestic policy and set out to establish long-term dominance for the Republican Party."

Obviously that didn't turn out too well.

According to a NYT article,
"Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, spoke of trying to move the debate on important issues out of the partisan political arena during an appearance on Fox News.

Drawing comparisons with World War II, he said the “threat of Islamic fascism” was neither “a Republican threat nor a Democratic threat” and that there was “no reason we can’t work on a bipartisan basis on an issue like that.”
Yeah, you mean the partisanship created by the Republican party when they thought, collectively, that they would be hold that majority for much longer than two years? How about the Democrats just spend the next two years fixing the foibles of the past 12, hmm? Okay cool. Fuck you and your olive branch.

Political Ads are funny... and scary. I don't like that the tactic on both sides is to say the most damaging thing about the opponent, truth be damned. It sticks in the mind of the voters and won't easily be shaken by, say, a retraction or apology. That's fucked. I think people that run outright lies such as this one. Every single person there is an actor, who has never met Harold Ford Jr., and yet there is no indication of that. The whole fucking ad is a lie. That is unbelievable.

In my favorite quote from today, in a completely unrelated article about the MTV show Laguna Beach: The OC, Jennifer Steinhauer writes "Anyone out of high school forced to watch more than an hour of “Laguna Beach” might possibly feel the urge to beat themselves about the head with a large stick." (NY Times, 8 Nov. '06)

Speaking of the New York Times, which I have obviously been reading, I've now finished the crossword for almost two weeks steady. I rule.

Sweet (real) picture of Saturn eclipsing the sun looking back into the Solar System. Check out the outer ring, right around the 10 o'clock position. That small glowing dot is earth.


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