06 November, 2006

Weekend's worth of writing

If you get the chance, head over to the MySpace page for the band The Tressels (or here, alternately) and listen to the songs they have up there. Really good band, great new self-recorded and released album out now. There's a review of it up on the Wonkavision site (or at least there will be soon) written by moi.

Speaking of Wonkavision, I've been doing some reviews each week for them, the link on the sidebar should take you right to it. I'm also writing for the magazine. In what other job do you get to review a line of products called Fuzzyballs and Gwar toys in the same weekend?

The Piebald album Barely Legal / All Ages is really effing amazing. I just listened to it for the first time in a long time.

Another weekend has come and gone, and I think the last remnants of warm weather have finally passed. Yeah, watch it be like 67 this week. I'm sure it will be. Global warming: still a myth. Anyhow, this weekend was fairly uneventful. I did get a lot of work done, though, but there is still a pile of it to get done. I find a newfound appreciation for the brew known as UFO, though. I know James loves it, and for good reason. I've had it before, but on Friday it hit my pallet in just the right way. Very good beer. I also did laundry. Gwen and I threw down 6 loads at the laundromat in just over an hour. Success!

Speaking of Gwen, I love that she falls asleep on the couch almost every night while I am working. I wish I could fall asleep like that. It seems to easy, she just slumps over into a deep sleep, peaceful and oblivious to any music or noise I may make. Must be nice. She and Millie both have that uncanny ability. I feel like the odd man out (appropriately so, I guess).

Find some time in your schedule to see that movie "Totally Awesome" that VH1 will be showing almost constantly for the next few weeks. I managed to watch it twice this weekend alone. Really funny. I don't think there are many people who could pick out all the shitty movie references (except Drew and Drew, perhaps).

I also found a program that submits songs I play on my ipod to last.fm, so my profile there will be a much more accurate reflection on my listening habits. Not like anyone except for record execs and gigantic musical dorks gets anything out of that site, anyhow. I just like being able to see what I listened to in, say, August of last year. Pretty much the same thing I listne to now, I'm just saying...


Keep the suggestions for the second singles from one-hit wonder albums coming. The idea was not just to name artists, but also to name actual songs from albums. Take, for example, the song "Treehouse" from Nada Surf's High/Low album. Great song, could definitely have been a single if it weren't for the ironic one-hit wonder status of their song "Popular."

I CAN NOT stop watching the videos from this site. Absolutely amazing. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them this thing exists. When I told Paul from Yawgoog at the beginning of the summer about it he said it couldn't be done. He called me a few weeks back to tell me that he saw one in the store and that it does indeed work. Again, it's freaking amazing.



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