13 November, 2006

The word moist makes me feel awkward

While riding the 20+ blocks to work on my bike in the pouring rain this morning, I thought about how I will be sitting in my wet pants and shoes for most of the day(corduroys=the worst), and how I will forget to put a bag over my seat so it will be soaked on the ride home(true), and (after I check weather.com when I arrive to work) how I am definitely going to have to ride home in the rain. I think about these things every time it rains, and think "why the hell am I doing this and, alternately, do I really need this?" The answer is, of course, yes. It pays my rent and bills. My soggy corduroys will remain thus until I find a job to which riding my bike becomes impractical.

I enjoy riding my bike, it's just a pretty silly way to get to work in the rain. I could always drive, but I would have to pay for parking when I got to Penn, and then I would have to find a spot when I got home. Both ends of that situation disagree with me, so I prefer to just be slightly damp all day. I'm sure it's better for my health anyway. The riding, not being perpetually damp. It is high time for some ingenuity. I'll need two large umbrellas, some twine, and about 20 minutes.

Below is a candid picture someone took of me riding to work this morning:

Went to the North Star Bar last night for a show. I haven't been to see live music in so long, and I worked for most of the weekend, and needed to do something to get out of the apartment. Seriously, after sitting at my computer for hours, the last thing I want to do is turn around and sit in front of the TV (most of the time, anyway).

The shows headliner was Zox, a melodic but upbeat American Eagle meets reggae meets Yellowcard. Yeah, that sounds awful, I know, but it's really kind of an interesting mix, especially live. I balk at saying they're good musicians, save for Spencer Swain. He's simply disgusting on the electric violin, playing it like a guitar at times. I was kind of disappointed in their setlist, since I am familiar with their older stuff almost exclusively. They played three older songs, but their set was lacking their brilliant cover of Pachelbel's Canon in D (heard live here) as well as Butterfly, another of my favorites. However, the show was really decent altogether. Their energy on stage is palpable, and even playing songs I'd heard only once, I definitely got into the music.

HOWEVER, the two acts that opened, Tally Hall and Parker House & Theory, were worth the price of admission. I generally will not like a band upon hearing their live stuff before hearing a recording, but for both of these bands, that did not hold true. If I had the cash on me I would have picked up both of their CD's (also it would have helped if their CD's were not more than the cost of admission to the show).

Tally Hall looks like an amalgamation of BYU dropouts and the guys from Office Space. Of course, their music sounds like Sublime meets They Might Be Giants and the Bloodhound Gang. Only they don't suck like the Bloodhound Gang. Very crisp, but quirky. And yeah, they wear the ties and shirtsleeves onstage. It's what's called a 'shtick.'

Parker House & Theory sounds like Blues Traveler revisited. They're amazing, and the dude Andy who plays the keyboard, piano and harmonica is sick. He can bend notes on the harp further than I've heard (live) before. Not that I've heard much harmonica playing live, I'm just sayin'.

I've been listening to the new album, Eisenhower, from The Slip pretty much nonstop all weekend. Pretty good, much more studio-sounding, less of the jam-rock feel of past albums. Seeing them live on Dec. 1 is going to be pretty fantastic. I'm going to record the show if I can, simply for my own purposes.

James: there are a ton of live Mike Doughty recordings posted here. Thought you might want to know. In fact, for anyone interested, there are a ton of live recordings from lots of artists here.

The only person still reading this is Paul Tsikitas. Even he probably left me somewhere around the third paragraph.

Since I lead such an exciting life, my mission today is a second cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee from Bucks County. It's that good.


Blogger Drew said...

I read on slow days. Today is slow other than me getting yelled at for being planning impaired and a generally wimpy-minded person.

That shit about the security guard is some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a minute. Way to go - you're a true patriot.

4:34 PM, November 13, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

i read....because i'm bored....but you usually have something vaguely interesting to say.

sometimes i wish i had my bike here...but days like today make me glad i don't.

5:07 PM, November 13, 2006  

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