11 December, 2006

Another week. What a joy.

If you've never gone and checked out the site idontlikeyouinthatway, do it. It's funny. The woman who writes it (myspace) seems to share the same view of Hollywood and pop culture that I do, only she is much more informed than I, and a has a writing style significantly more bitter than my own. I like it.

I want to write for this magazine so bad, simply based on the name. Also, their interview with Tom Waits is really good.

If I don't have a full time job by the springtime, I am going to work at camp again. Doing what, I'm not sure, but I know I'll have a job there if I want it doing SOMETHING. I saw a few jobs posted up on another site for some positions in Baltimore, for The Sun, and I'd definitely apply if I lived in Md. still. Alas, I do not. Well, not alas, but for the circumstance, it's applicable.

I did e-mail those places in Ireland that I mentioned in my last post, and two of them got back to me and said that they do hire people from all over the world if they are qualified, so I sent over my 'CV' (curriculum vitæ) as requested. Both said they hire mostly for summer work, and if I can swing working there during the summer months, you had better bet my ass will be on a plane this spring.

As a sidenote, I am so used to hearing the term résumé that I had to type CV into wikipedia to figure out what the heck this woman was asking for. I've heard it used before, but never in the sense of just a general resume, always in a more high-brow professor's course work sort of way.

The highlight of my Monday was the Irish Crème coffee they being served at Bucks County this morning. I'm not kidding. That was the highlight of the day. I lead an excitingly rich and fulfilled existence.


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