04 December, 2006

Forward progress goes 'boink'

Some days on the ride to work, I feel as if I am not moving at all. The wind whips past me, heading back the way I have just traveled. It is moving much faster than I am, so I get the sense that I’m pedaling in place, fighting a battle against the elements that I cannot possibly win. I feel myself pedaling, the sway of my bike back and forth as I shift from one foot to the other.

This never happens on the way home from work, only in the mornings coming in. When this feeling comes over me, I assure myself of progress by looking at the shadow that my bike and I cast on the ground. The image of the spinning tire on the pavement asuages my concerns, and reassures me that I am indeed moving forward, despite what I may feel.

I always feel that on mornings when this happens, the day goes by much slower. Something about that sense of moving in the same spot stays with me all day. Normally I’m not a clock-watcher, but it seems that when I feel it took me an inordinate amount of time to get to work, I also feel that I will be at work for a longer period. This is simply untrue, rather one of those mental quirks that people have.

My work now consists of 30 hours, bumped up from 25. It means more money (obviously), but it also means that I have to be at Penn longer. It’s only a five-hour increase, but it makes a bit of difference. Now I work eight hours on Mon-Wed, and six on Thur., and I have off on Friday provided there is nothing to cover.

I find it disturbing that, on Dec. 1 when I walked to my landlord’s apartment to drop the rent check in his mailbox, I thought nothing of the fact that I left my own apartment in nothing but a t-shirt. I had pants on too, but you know what I mean. Oh and shoes. But yeah, there is something wrong there. When it was the end of October and slightly chilly, I thought oh man, here comes winter, awesome. Then it leveled out and has stayed relatively nice (a few cold days) since. Of course, today it’s actually cold, which is nice. Hopefully that trend continues.

I told my dad during the middle of last week that Martin Garmmatica would miss his first kick with the Cowboys. He did. I win. So did the Cowboys. Nice.

I heard this sweet EP from the band Blanche last night. It’s all folksy but not in the granola loving flowing skirt kind of way, more along the lines of cattle rustling and back room saloon poker. I reviewed it for Wonkavision, which should be up sometime this week along with two other CD’s.

I have a counter on the page that tells me how many people come here a day, and from whereabouts in the world they hail. Lately I’ve been getting some international hits, and I’m curious whom these people are. England, Slovakia, Cape Town, Algeria, Prague, the Czech Republic and Sweden have all checked in since Dec. 2. Who are you people? I’m not saying stop reading; I’m just intensely curious what led someone in Slovakia to read the random, poorly contrived musings of a hack from Philadelphia. Also, since the statistics are tracked for free, the amount of stats it saves is limited. I find it really disturbing what, when I sign in, there is an ad asking me if I want to "increase my log size." Innuendo much?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singapore, represent! Hoo-ha! But you knew that already. ;)


1:44 AM, December 07, 2006  

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