12 December, 2006

It's not always sunny in Philadelphia. It is, in fact, raining today

Who is looking at my blog from somewhere in the neighborhood of Saskatchewan? I tried looking up the IP address and it says it's from Georgia? Wuh? Not that I mind, but my intense curiosity has gotten the better of me. Oh well, hello Canadian/Georgian friend, whoever you may be.

Nobody at Penn finds it funny when I compare the Law school's Bold Ambition Campaign to Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour. Why am I the only one in this whole office that finds that amusing? Can someone explain that to me? Sidenote, Blonde Ambition is also an upcoming Jessica Simpson movie. Sweet!

I know I've been harping on work a lot lately, but this is ridiculous, and can be filed under my list of reasons why, on occasion(read: always) I find women intolerable. I'm sitting at my desk, and two young ladies who work in the same office are holding court by the water cooler (how cliche, right?) They both live with their boyfriends, and this mornings conversation centered on bills. So one says to the other that her boyfriend is such a jerk because, apparently, he paid the cable bill. Not only did he pay it in full and on time, he didn't tell her he was going to pay it, and didn't consult with her first. She was genuinely angry/upset about this.

HEY, MORON, it's a bill. No consulting necessary. You get bill, you pay bill, end of transaction. You know the damn bill is coming every month, and you know it needs to get paid, so why the hell is she so pissed that he just went ahead and paid it? What, did you want to wait a few days and pay the late charge just for kicks? The deal is you give him half the money whenever you get the chance, that's how it works. There's no way I'm going to bitch like that if Gwen pays the PGW bill without me knowing and asks me for the $20 or whatever to cover my half after the fact.

Yesterday afternoon, on the floor of the bathroom at work, there was a cellophane wrapper with the telltale 3-pack sticker on it. I continued laughing out loud even when someone else walked in. If you don't know, just ask. Or don't.

I really enjoy Lou Reed when I'm trying to get work done. Not sure why.

I'm going to see The Slip again on the 29th, only this time it'll be in Providence. It's a hometown show which they are headlining, so it'll surely be better than the two here in Philly as an opening act.

Now, courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber and Howl @ The Moon, I bring you the funniest picture I've seen in a long time. Maybe ever.


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