21 December, 2006

At least I have a good parking spot....

My car died again tonight, third time in three years it's had the same exact problem. I get in, I turn the key, and it clicks a bit and won't turn over. Tonight I tried once and the starter clicked. I tried again a few minutes later and the starter didn't even click, just some inside noises.

After a third try, it was obvious that my battery was done. The headlights didn't work, same with the radio. The interior light wouldn't even come on. Wonderful, I think to myself.

Then of course the alarm, which was cut and grounded from under the dash this past summer for situations such as this (when the battery dies and the alarm resets), starts going off. Great. I put the key back in the ignition; the alarm continues to sound. I turn the car 'on.' The alarm silences itself, mercifully.

I remove the key again, same deal. Basically I can't turn the car off or the alarm sounds.

At this point I call my dad (mind you it's nearly midnight, and he's obviously sleeping) and basically ask what the hell I should do.

Minutes later, witness me in the middle of the street , car still 'on,' with the hood popped and my tool case splayed out over the engine block, wrenching the battery connective cables from their positions. Of course the car is still on, taking a charge from the battery. I tell Gwen to stay there because if I suddenly fell over in the street, it means I'd been electrocuted and to please call 911.

I didn't get electrocuted, the battery is disconnected, and I'm going to have a lovely time getting it to a mechanic tomorrow.

I was debating leaving the car unlocked and doors ajar with the hood popped and the keys in the ignition on the streets of Philly overnight. There is a near 100% chance it would still be there in the morning. Can't jack it (dead battery), can't tow it (it's wedged between two other cars), and there's nothing more in it to steal (someone already took it all a month and a half ago.)

Man tomorrow is going to be fun. How the hell do I get my car even a block and a half to the mechanics? Who knows!

Edit: At 7:30 this morning I got up and tried to start the car after hooking up the battery. No dice. The alarm did sort of slowly whine to life though as I opened the door, something like an air raid siren only weaker and with less explosives.

I get to the mechanics and promise him that I will bring the car there for service if he'll lend me the jump pack, which he does. A block and a half later I'm standing in the street again, hood popped, hooking up the battery and connecting the booster pack.

I open the door, and the alarm goes off full bore. I of course yell something not within the realm of publicly accepted speech, and the people at the bus stop all look over. I promise them I'm not stealing the car. Not that it would matter, nobody tried to stop me. I turn off the alarm and turn the key. The engine revs to life. I've just saved like, $120 for towing.

I dropped off the car and the booster pack moments later. I told the mechanic that I needed a new battery, and no alarm. He asked if I wanted it just a simple disconnect, to which I replied "I don't even want the light in the car to blink. Nothing. No alarm at all. Under any circumstance."

Wonder how much this is going to cost? Who knows! To R.I., hang it all!


Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

The thrilling conclusion to your car alarm story leaves me laughing in my chair... ah, that car must hate you.

9:29 PM, December 22, 2006  

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