14 December, 2006

Super Special Questions Blog Part 2: The Rip Off

I'm seeing Mike Doughty tonight in Teaneck, NJ. It's just by New York, but apparently the place is a restaurant and bar, one of those really small places that also happens to have shows.

I'm going to bring Gwen's camera with me to snap a few shots, and if they turn out I'll be posting one or two here. Doughty's photo policy is open, or at the discretion of the headliner or club. Since he is the headliner tonight, I called the club and they don't have a photo policy of any kind, or a taping policy, so the path is cleared as far as I know. It should be a good show, small and very subdued.

Chances are I won't be going to Ireland after all. I need someone there to sponsor my Visa application, and the woman I had been speaking to said that her company doesn't sponsor people like that. She said I was welcome to come over on a holiday visa and work there under the table. She suggested I work at a pub in the town (there are only two) for cash to pay for living (since I couldn't live at the company) and come in a few days a week. No thanks, the fugitive life doesn't really appeal to me. When I go to the airport to come back, I don't want to be arrested and thrown in jail for overstaying my Visa.

Sooo, if I can't find someone else in another part of the country or with a different company to sponsor my Visa, and I still don't have a full time job by the time May comes around, I'll be working at camp again. More than likely I'll just help out the ranger staff doing odds and ends and basically working like hell. It's more fulfilling and fun than it sounds. At least I know what's going on with my life (umm, sort of.)

Anyway seeing Doughty tonight. Leaving whenever Grace gets here, since she's driving up from Baltimore. It's going to be great. Details to follow.


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