20 December, 2006


A woman with a head the size of her body and tiny little hands?
Perfectly normal.

Remember Weinerville? Yeah, that show was really messed up. I didn't watch it regularly, but when I did catch it I usually ended up freaked out and staring at things in the room for an inordinate amount of time.

It's so satisfying when you mull something over for a few days before figuring out an answer. Example: I got the new Keane album "Under the Iron Sea." It's a brilliant album, but the first track sounds so distinctly like something else, some other song. It's been on the tip of my tongue for several days now as to what that something else is. At exactly 2:14 am on Wednesday morning it came to me: it sounds like Rufus Wainwright's "The Tower of Learning." Not exactly, but somewhat, and that's what I was thinking of anyway so I'm happy. Also it kind of sounds like Travis.

I was talking with someone the other day about how the cover stories in the Philadelphia Weekly are shit. They aren't, mind you, when they DO a cover story about something relevant (see last week's story about Philly school truancy), but the covers in general are utterly ridiculous. Take for example this weeks cover. It's striking: Photoshop-tinted pigs with the headline 'have a hog wild holiday!' The cover story itself is about pet psychics. Of course! And why not, there's nothing else going on in this city. I also hate that there is no indication of internal content on the cover. I do like the picture of the cute dog named Mookie that goes with the article. Seriously, he's cute as hell.

HEY! You're part of it. I rule. And so does everyone else reading this. Sidenote: what a cop-out.

This site is a really interesting idea. I wish they would update ever. I suppose the concept does require a bit of luck though, I mean it's not like you buy old cameras with film in them all the time.

Speaking of great ideas, thanks Denmark! [NSFW]

This is one of the neatest blogs I've read recently. Something like one of those fancy magazines that sell for $12.95 in B&N only online. The campaign for Levi's Jeans is great, I wish I could see this somewhere in real life.

I never imagined I would say this, but I think it's crap that Terrell Owens isn't in the pro bowl. Romo made the cut, but he ain't shit without the camaraderie he developed with Owens. Oh, and Owen's has the most TD catches this season. And he's been playing with a torn ligament, owning to all those dropped passes. Dammit. I need to ritually cleanse myself now, I feel so horrible for defending that bum.

Also, Ray Lewis not making the cut? Warren Sapp? Bart Scott? Al Harris? What's the deal? I like that it's not decided entirely by fans (like the MLB All Star Game) but still, this years voting is perplexing.

Also, I see on Facebook that the word Finals is actually an acronym, meaning 'Fuck, I Never Actually Learned this Shit.' Nice!


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