10 December, 2006

The caffeinated winter of our discontent, sort of

There's something about French Press coffee that makes you appreciate the flavor and aroma of the brew you are consuming. I prefer it served black, because when you brew it yourself you know that it won't (or shouldn't) be horrible. Plus, the freshness is unmatched. I will be sad when I return Seth's French Press to him after Christmas. It's okay; because I will still have my small one. Plus, it's not everyday you get to see someone who now lives halfway across the world.

I listened to Simon & Garfunkel tonight for the first time in a long time. For as upbeat and pop-ish as they are, some of their lyrics are positively brilliant and depressing. On "Leaves That Are Green," Paul sings "I was 21 years when I wrote this song / I'm 22 now but I won't be for long." This is the first time I've listened to that song post-college, and I began thinking of my life and where I want to be.

I'm 22 now and haven't written a song. I've written plenty of other things, but nothing really that I can hold up and say "I'm proud of this." I'm happy to be freelancing, and I'm very happy to have a job at which I earn money, but I am not particularly satisfied.

I've found that of all the jobs I've held, I get the greatest desire from working with people. Not public service, but, say, teaching kids Orienteering during the summer of '03; working with the staff at camp to make sure they are doing an efficient job; teaching new people how to use the equipment in Backstage; showing new editors for the Collegian how to do things in Quark, or giving them advice on their layout. I enjoy writing immensely, and I know that it is how I am making my living at the moment, but is it something I want to stay with?

I think that I would like to do something with Scouting on a regular basis. I wish I could get a full time job working with the camping program with some council. I mentioned this before, when I returned from Ireland, but I would love to work outdoors doing things like taking groups orienteering or backpacking, canoing or hiking. I'm not sure that I could find something like that, living in the city. I love the city, but I often feel somewhat empty here. There are several places in Ireland I saw that, were I to have absolutely no obligations or commitments to staying where I am, I would consider applying for. This one in particular looked pretty great.

This is not to say I wish I didn't have obligations and commitments; on the contrary, I am content in my life right now. I suppose people always aspire to something else when it comes to work. I think I just need to be out of college for a while longer before really deciding on what to do with myself. This is probably one of the only times in my life that I have several paths before me, and I don't really have to choose one right now.

In the more short-term, tomorrow I am going to commence a thorough cleaning of my apartment. It hasn't bee cleaned in the longest time, so it's high time that happens.

Greetings to anyone who may have wandered over here from Facebook. I've just discovered that I can feed my blog posts here onto the Facebook notes thing. This election year, vots Yes! for cross-platform uselessness.

And now, as a reward to anyone who read through the whole post, here is a funny comic about lesbians. Huzzah!


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