16 January, 2007

The big red 'deceased' is pretty official, ya know?

Curtis is really dead. R.I.P. Black Jack. Along with Tony, you were pretty much the best CTU had to offer (Jack excluded). I was upset when Edgar (with whom I share a first name) died. Stephen King thinks it should have been Kim, and I agree. When Tony died I questioned Jack's ability to continue his level of work considering how much aid he had on Tony's part.

Now the question arises as to who steps in to take Curtis' place at the right hand of the Jack? I, for one, don't have a clue. When Tony died last season, Curtis stepped up in a big way. That was a fairly obvious transition, though. There really isn't anyone seemingly fit to step in to his shoes.

If I had to venture a guess, I would have to say Aaron Pierce. He's the only character in all six seasons (assuming he pops up this season), who last season entered the much-deserved realm of major characters. It's predicted that he will show up sometime later in the season, just in time to help Jack out of some sort of tricky situation. My guess is that he's still working with Martha Logan, and hooks on with Jack shortly after Martha's emergence this season.

Edit: apparently, former child star and NYPD Blue staple Rick Schroder will be the new sidekick. Let's not forget his most recent work came on Lifetime's 'Strong Medicine.' His name on the show will be Mike Doyle, who does not currently have an entry in Wikipedia. This should be interesting...

The Slip surpassed Bob Dylan as the number one artist I listen to on last.fm. It was months in coming, but I've been in a very Dylan-ish mood lately, and I think that he's going to take over the top spot for a little while this upcoming week. I'm feeling a bit of the Banjo Tapes coming on. I have fallen in to such a musical rut lately, but a combination of the Nighthawks and writing reviews for Wonkavision is keeping my head above water. A note about the Nighthawks: The name is based on one of the best albums from Tom Waits, one of my favorite artists. What's not to like?

There are only a few moments in the day where I am thankful the weather is (still) warm. This morning, as I rode directly into a strong headwind the entire way to work, was one of those moments. The only problem came as I was crossing the South St. bridge and had to battle nausea from the overwhelming scent of rotting fish. It felt like spring.g

I've been terribly out of the loop when it comes to national news. I used to read the paper all the time, but now I mostly try to catch the BBC nightly news. I need to get back to reading the paper regularly. My dad got me a subscription to The Week, a weekly news magazine with a bunch of short articles about pretty much everything that went on in, you guessed it, the past week. My goal is to read that cover to cover over each weekend. If I manage to succeed at that goal, I will then try to add the news section of the Washington Post website to my material.

I would like to read more, in general. I may, possibly, begin spending some time reading at Last Drop, La Va, or another such coffee establishment. I can't find the motivation to read in my apartment, since there is no real sitting area outside of the living room, which has a television. At my moms house, I found that I could read most places because the TV was tucked away in the basement. I stopped reading a lot in college because in the dorms it's pretty much impossible, and when I lived off campus there wasn't really a quiet place to just sit. It's not so much the noise level, it's the opportunity for distraction that keeps me from reading.

I opened an ING savings account this weekend, which has a 4.5% interest rate. Now I don't know too much about banking, but I know that that rate is much better than the 1% rate I get from Citizens Bank. I was referred there, and since I opened the account with $250, I got $25 for free from ING. Pretty sweet deal. If you wanna join up, let me know and I'll send you an invite. You get $25 (I get $10 for referring you), but that interest rate is really the best selling point. Oh and you can print a coupon for a free coffee from their cafe in center city (I know I was sold.)


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