10 January, 2007

Contemplating open auditions for Hairspray, and a pastrami sandwich

The upcoming TV season makes me really glad I'm no longer in college; I surely wouldn't be doing any homework. Just this past Sunday was the season premier of two shows I'm going to start watching weekly: Grease: You're the One That I Want and The Apprentice: LA. The Apprentice just because I like watching people argue (although it gets really old sometimes like in that season opener, and Grease because, umm...

If you're from camp and reading this, do yourself a favor. Click the link to the NBC page above. Scroll down an inch and click on the sidebar part on the right where it says "Can these wannabes dance their way into the roles of Danny and Sandy?" There is a girl in that section named 'Sunshine.' Damnit if she doesn't look exactly like Matt Zito. Seriously. Yes, there's a picture of her right here, but still. Go watch her dance, it's funny.

There was also a kid who looked like a certain member of the TP waterfront staff last summer. I'm not going to put the pictures up, but I will say the staff member who the guy resembled had a name rhyming with Ellsie McCalltiff.

I know I have mentioned it for months, but the new season of 24 starts in less than a week. I don't need to harp on this, but every time I see a 24 commercial on TV now I stop talking or doing whatever it is I'm doing to watch it. So excited. It's like Christmas, only with guns.

Lost will be starting up again on Feb. 7, and another season of American Idol (in which I will inevitably lose interest after a week or two) before that. So yes, I will be busily not getting any physical activity until springtime, although I badly need it.

T.O. fired his publicist. I bet she's happy, honestly. I'm sure she's tired of getting midnight calls that he's in a Burger King doing situps and refuses to leave. Maybe if he would stop doing stupid shit and having someone else explain it for him, she may not have come off as an idiot. Maybe if he was a responsible person who focused more on the ball going in to his hands than doing all the stupid off the field stuff he does, he would have taken responsibility for his own actions.

It's still fun to watch him play, but come on. Your publicist isn't the reason you come off as an asshole. It's because you ARE an asshole.

I am pretty sure I know someone dumb enough to have this video pertain to them. Several people, actually.

Face transplant photoshops. Disturbing like a train wreck. A really well photoshopped train wreck.

I think I am addicted to live music. I often find myself up late at night listening to songs over and over, whole concerts even. Last night I literally sat and listened to a whole live set from the Slip starting at like, 2:30 am. I really should be going to bed.

Oh, and inexplicably, the Christmas Bush is BACK. Same vase. Same dried out bine boughs. No lights or decorations, just dead branches. I swear she took the damn thing off of my desk yesterday. Damnit.


Blogger Steve said...

"I'm sure she's tired of getting midnight calls that he's in a Burger King doing situps and refuses to leave."

Nicely done.

2:07 PM, January 10, 2007  

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