23 January, 2007

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Why Day six is the best day of 24 yet; a succinct reasoning, followed by some commentary. First:
1. Five hours gone. Not only do I not know who the real enemy is, I don't have any clue who to trust or where the plot is going quite yet.

2. The single biggest plot twist ever occurred and it isn't even noon yet. Who knows what could happen by the time June rolls around.
This season, I'm all confused because it's all in past tense. Not in the sense of time, but there's no small plot foiled by Jack leading up to a grander-scaled plot. The terrorists attacked before Jack was even out of China. It's happening already and it's damage control plus plot foiling, which is uncharted territory...

...And I love it. It's new, and allows for a more emotional side to the plot (one emotion being, thankfully, a desire for revenge.)

Graham - "Hey, we used to play this game as kids"
Jack - "Just like childhood, Dad's nowhere to be found."
That said, I'm not sure how to feel about Graham's new status as Jack's hermano. It feels like... too much. I mean, sure it was exciting, surprising and altogether unpredicted by anyone (as far as I know. Prove me wrong), but at the same time, it might be too much of a twist; might be too sensational.

It's certainly believable, as we know little to nothing about Graham up to this point, save for his role in the Sentox nerve gas plot and the execution of David Palmer. He may not even be the one ultimately at the top of this whole thing; that could for all we know be Farmer Hoggett aka Phillip Bauer. Wouldn't that be interesting...

Additionally, I am not sure how far I'm willing to go on the idea that Jack suspects Graham of some sort of wrongdoing right off of the bat. Again, I kind of feel that Jack is still a bit off mentally and, the bomb having gone off mere minutes previous, simply looking for someone to blame. Enter Graham, who happens to be the right person entirely, but still. I was kind of hoping he was going to go all Paul Raines and electrocute the guy when he ripped that light out of the wall, but ah well. Nostalgia...

More on the other stuff that wasn't really part of the plot but still caught my attention:

- What the hell is up with Sandra Palmer? I realize she's the president's sister, but damn. Chill. You should know that it's good for the country to get this information. They're in a jail, guards all around, in the middle of a courtyard. What does she think is going to happen.

- I don't trust Nadia Yassir at all. Not yet. I think there was some sort of subtle bolstering of my opinion by the producers when they elected to not show her continuation of Buchanan's questioning at all. She came out, said dude was clean and he walked. I don't like it.

- Thomas Lennox reminds me of the guy in Lord of the Rings keeping the King of Rohan under his control. The guy is sheisty, and in the preview for next week's episode he says that Karen Hayes needs to go. Buchanan is going to be pissed.

- I am still in shock that Graham is Jack's brother. Still in shock Curtis is dead. If Chloe broke her toe, I don't think I could take it.

- When Jack saved the dude in the helicopter, I found myself thinking "come on, really?" It was too saccharine for me.

Also, courtesy of Gwen's internet sleuthing, I am able to see each death of the season over and over again, and find all the info I'll ever need on said deaths. I can't wait until Jack goes psychotic, as I'm sure he will.

Check out Blogs4Bauer for more 24 than you can possible handle. If you've just come from there, welcome! Feel free to check out the rest of the blog.
I will return to inane commentary regarding my working experiences until this time next week. Enjoy!


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