19 January, 2007

Friday means little or no work, but lots of speculation

Funny post, albeit a year old now, about drinking with Keifer Sutherland. The picture to the right is courtesy of the user bris1985 on deviantART

There is something I feel I didn't really get to before, a nuance about the new season of 24 that may or may not turn out to be anything at all. In the first hour of the show, the first terrorist seen is not Middle Eastern, not European or American, but Asian. Could this just be a coincidence? In past seasons the terrorists have all been of the same race. They tend to homogenize themselves pretty well that way.

This would make for an interesting twist, if somehow the Chinese were involved this season, considering the recent history between that government and a one Jack Bauer. I'm not sure that they are, though; I tend to think that the single Asian jihadist is an anomaly. I'm not sure that I am ready to believe that, in working with the Middle Eastern Terrorists, the Chinese would be so willing to sacrifice their men for something like a suicide bombing. I would imagine they may commit manpower to something more...sustainable.

Still, with that history between Jack and the Chinese, you have to assume that wrongs have to be righted at some point. It is still very unclear on the exact details of the exchange between the two governments, and I personally don't feel resolved over the whole situation. There's something brewing there, and so far the Asian suicide bomber is the only link (aside from the obvious appearance of Cheng Zhi in the first hour of the show.

I tried to find a picture of Jack kicking the guy from the Subway train for this post but couldn't. Is there a site out there that logs screen captures from the show? That would be useful...

We'll see. As I said before, this season has been very, very unpredictable to this point, and it can only get better. Lots more twists. Did anyone really expect that that nuclear freaking bomb would go off? When I didn't recognize anyone on the team that went in to the warehouse, I figured it might, but I was still surprised.


The best post on any blog I've read in a long time was recently contributed by Jay Pinkerton. I dare you to spend less than 10 minutes reading this; there are even some graphics for those who are visually inclined.


I couldn't be considered a fan of the NBA by any loose standards. That said, this season I have been watching the Phoenix Suns every chance I can. They're exciting, in a way I haven't previously experienced in a sport where my fandom ends at the highlight reel. Oddly enough, I haven't really been following college basketball much this year; I know that Florida is good, Vandy is getting there, and that the ACC is absolutely stacked (duh). Maybe it's because most of the players are no longer older than I am, and it's lost some of that mystique.


Seth tells me that this is the method by which insane Chinese typists go about their business. I'm kind of glad that the keyboard I use is specifically designed for the language I speak (and type). He told me this morning that there is a word equivalent for each character in the Chinese written language. You type the word, and can pick from several different characters according to which stress and meaning you want typed in to the computer. He says it's not too hard to learn, but still. I don't know Chinese, so I am sure I'd have a hell of a time.


This is the most disturbing rendition of Rowan Atkinson I've ever seen.


Blogger j. leo said...

I have to agree with the mystique starting to go from college ball. Though, It's still hard to grasp that I am significantly older than most of these college players. In fact, I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was one year older than Steven Smith at La Salle, because he was a foot taller than me and could back me up five feet with one hand. And it hasn't gotten any better durign the past few years. I mean, I have five years on Greg Oden. Look at him... I refuse to believe that.

But yeah, teh Suns are great to watch in action. As much as I hate the Lakers, the fact that they and the Clippers play in teh same division as Phoenix gives me a lot of decent games on cable.

6:07 PM, January 19, 2007  

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