17 January, 2007

Generic Smashing Pumkpins lyric about rats in cages goes here

I think my building has mice. The big rodent and pest control truck out front kind of gave it away. Also, around 10 this morning, a woman ran screaming out of her corner of the office. Apparently, she had discovered a mouse in one of the traps. The traps that she set. To catch mice. Go figure.

I guess she told a male co-worker of mine what she found, and he decided it was beneath him to pick it up. So he of course goes and finds the custodian, who happened to be in the next office over. She came in and promptly removed the mouse, trap and all. I hope I find a mouse. I really do. I'm putting it in a Tupperware container and depositing it in her lunch bag.

At what point did everyone become allergic to Gluten? For the first 21 years of my life I knew exactly two people who were allergic to gluten. Now there's about a billion Celiac's running around. I think it's just a fad. Seriously, all these food allergies are the product of a privileged society. There isn't a starving person in a third world country out there going "Oh man, I can't eat that pizza because it has flour, cheese, yeast, tomatoes, beef, garlic and oregano. Ain't no way, my man." Never happening.

This Sunday is going to be the last exciting football day of the year. Why? Because the debate over whether Belichick can out-think Peyton and Dungy is much more compelling than whether anyone can out-think Rex Grossman. Seriously.

That picture is for the ladies. You know you want Sexy Rexy.
...I can't believe I just wrote that.

The contract negotiations between the Giants and Barry Bonds are breaking down, and there are rumors of a possible collusion case. I'm not saying that would be a good thing, because that would open up (again) a whole world of shit for MLB. I'm just saying that I'd rather not see the guy signed with anyone. Of course, if he did try to present a collusion case, the months of bleating by his agent Jeff Boris about how there were so many teams interested in Bonds would kind of work against them, dontcha think?

Buster Onley reported that the Red Sox might be testing out Willy Mo at first and third this spring. I shudder to think...

Last night I went out with Gwen and had a Bass, some soup and salad, and came home. I promptly passed out quicker than I have since working pre-camp last summer. I don't really remember getting in bed, I just know it happened. It was really nice to sleep that deeply. I'm sure it has something to do with my asking the neighbors upstairs to turn down their techno music. Apparently, the girl in the room located directly above my bedroom likes to fall asleep to bass-heavy techno, and she had her sub on the floor. Consequently, it played all night. Imagine my ire upon having to wake up to that at 7:45.

I was on Facebook today for a moment and noticed a new group based on a house in which parties are held. The first sentence in the Info section read "For all thoughs who have partied here." This was written by someone who is a college graduate, who graduated from La Salle none the less. That makes me feel really good, that he doesn't know the difference between 'thoughs' (which isn't even a word, mind you) and 'those.' Not to name names, because this person is a decent human being. Perhaps he just needs the new Firefox spell-checker feature.


Blogger Drew said...

In our Denver office, one advocate's name is Rex. Another advocate in the office used to call him "Sexy Rexy", but now just calls him "Sexy". I think I'm gonna start doing that. To everyone, not just Grossman.

2:11 PM, January 17, 2007  

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