05 January, 2007

Is it ever going to get cold?

Football playoffs start tomorrow. I'm cautiously optimistic about the Ravens' chances. I know they're good, but I also know the AFC is the obvious powerhouse in this post-season. I say cautious because the Ravens have lost only three games this season, all to teams who didn't make the postseason. They beat the Chargers and Chiefs, who made the cut, but the San Diego win was eked out early in the season. They've both gotten better, but I give the bolts the edge. They never faced the Jets, Colts, or Pats, which is unsettling. I'm certainly glad that most theorists have written they'd rather have McNair on a final drive than Philip Rivers. If the AFC championship game comes down to the Bolts and the Nevermores, hopefully Rivers gets the butterflies and shits the bed.

When is it going to start feeling like winter? There was a period in November where it got bitterly cold, but only for about a week in total. All through December it was unseasonably warm, and January is looking to be more of the same. I wore a sweater and jeans jacket on my bike ride to work this morning. I should have been cursing my lack of a giant parka. It was raining this morning and even the rain was warm. I bet that, if it ever does get cold, that it stays that way until early May.

Finally I found a torrent of that Slip show from the 29th at Lupo's. I'm so glad, because the set was completely amazing. They played another great set at NorthSix in Brooklyn on New Years Eve which I already have, but the Lupo's one has better songs. If it's a decent recording it'll be one of the best sets I have. Here's the list for the Lupo's show:

All I Saw Was You
Even Rats
There's A Lie
First Panda In Space > Soft Machine
Words To A Little Song
I Hate Love
The Original Blue Air > Paper Birds
Moderate Threat >
Cowboy Up
Weight Of Solomon
Let There Be Horses
Sometimes True To Nothing
Baba O'Reily
Children Of December
If One Of Us Should Fall

There's a big to-do about the Saddam execution video, which as I predicted was online only hours after the event itself. Apparently someone took the video on their cell phone, like I thought would happen. Of course I watched the video this morning and now feel like an awful person. Anyhow if you're interested I am not linking it, but I bet a really, really quick google search would find what you're looking for.

Speaking of bodies, I will be checking Blogs4Bauer every single day from now until the end of season 6. So good! I am so excited for the new season of 24 I cannot put it into coherent words.


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you are going to hell.

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