23 January, 2007

Keep reading, it's not all about sports, I swear

I don't think I have ever heard someone say of Steve Blake that he's "too quick, too fast" for defenders. I definitely chuckled at that one. Not saying he's slow, but he doesn't have the kind of speed that should make sports commentators wet their pants with glee.

And that is why, in some way, I think I'm paying more attention to the NBA this season than I am to college basketball. It's to the point where I actually know more NBA players now than NCAA kids. The Chicago Bulls, for example, have several players I watched when they were in college. My favorite college baller and former Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich lost to the Terps in the 2002 NCAA Final Four. I've actively rooted against former Duke players Chris Duhon and Luol Deng, reluctantly rooted for UConn star Ben Gordon, and apathetically watched Tyrus Thomas tear it up but ultimately lose out in last year's tournament.

I am slowly losing interest in the college game, true, but I'm still interested to see if Jermaine Thomas, who graduated from La Salle last year, can make it to the NBA. I think if he can, he'll be a decent player. He's playing in Hungary at the moment I believe, but he always had really good eyes for what was going on on the court, and generally didn't make stupid turnovers. Also, I wonder if Steve Smith is going to turn in to the player people said he would. Maybe he just needs more minutes.

Porn is going High Def. Interesting... “The biggest problem is razor burn,” said Stormy Daniels. ::Shudder::

Okay, hold the fucking phone. Two of the women in my office were talking today about the movie Office Space. My head nearly exploded from the irony. One of them has not seen it, so the other was quoting lines, and all I could do was sit at my desk and laugh. Seriously. Oh then they talked about Rush Hour for a full half hour, with several other people being snowballed into the conversation.
"Lou have you seen Rush hour?" came the question about 10 minutes in to their Chris Tucker Pow Wow.

"No," I lied, and put my headphones in.
On the topic of the office (the bland affair at which I work, not the wildly popular television show), pictures of the Holiday Bush are forthcoming. I can't believe it's still sitting on my desk. I mean, it was even taken away and dismantled at some point. But it's back, with the lights on it and everything, drying up slowly. How resilient is this freaking thing?

When you Google the names of people that work in your office and find pictures of them when they were 13 years old looking all sullen and awkward, is it okay to anonymously post them by the water cooler? I say yes.

Hilary is in. Well, not yet, but trying to get there. I don't particularly like her or Obama. Or John Edwards. This should be interesting.

When I write things like the short paragraph above, I sometimes feel guilty that I am not as politically conscious as I would like to be, and probably should be. I follow the news, but I don't delve in to politics that much. I just don't like keeping up with all the rhetoric and nonsense that accompanies campaigns and all that. I'll vote for someone who I feel has proven themselves to be an effective politician over a span of time, not someone with a good campaign. That's why I don't feel that Obama, for example, would make a good president. Not yet anyway. He's been in the Senate for only a single term, the final two of which will be spent campaigning for President. I'd sooner vote in Hilary, but that's another issue altogether.

I had a burrito last night. It was delicious, but now all I can think about eating are burritos.


Blogger Drew said...

Steve Blake is KILLING it right now. In fact, he's BLOWING UP. He looks like Tim McVeigh. Mere happenstance? Perhaps.

12:16 AM, January 27, 2007  

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