09 January, 2007

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers v. the Cast of American Gladiator, or, OSU v. Florida

Every day when I leave work I equate it to the Colts leaving Baltimore that snowy night in March ('84). I pack my things hastily, grab my jacket and hat and head out the door behind the kitchen, exiting into the hallway and my freedom. The route doesn't take me past anyone's desk, and I try to avoid everyone on my way out. Not really sure why I do this, but it's a daily event.

Speaking of the Colts and football, this is the obligatory comment on the BCS 'championship' game. OSU played one big game all year and got schooled by Michigan, but came away with a win. Florida had a bunch of big games this year, and simply overwhelmed an unprepared OSU defense and a suddenly-ineffective Troy Smith. I thought Florida was going to win, but I didn't think they'd win by 27.

The Gators looked so fast and they attacked Smith from the outside, which he hasn't really seen done effectively this season (so says the commentary on ESPN.) I'm really glad that tomorrow I don't have to read a whole bunch of columnist backpedaling tomorrow, because most of the predictions had this as a close game, if they even ventured to make a prediction at all.

I think I contracted a mild form of diabetes from all the Hershey kisses I consumed today. There was an enormous bowl of them on the counter and I couldn't resist. The sugar rush was conducive to getting things done.

always has some of the funniest celebrity commentary, and the post today about Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson is pretty much the best. "Choosing between Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz is like choosing between a porter house steak and a corn dog that's been dropped in a urinal." Brilliant.

I'd like everyone to pause a moment and check out this web page. I laughed for hours. Seriously.

The Hall of Fame announcements are tomorrow at 2 pm, but the broadcast starts at 1. It's being broadcast live from mlb.com, and to everyone, not just subscribers. I'll be tuning in.

I am going to be all emotional when they say Cal Ripken's name, and I know I won't be alone. #8 pretty much kick-started my love of the game. He wasn't flashy, and some say he was overly selfish, that he didn't step aside when he should have.

I never felt that way, and it's all retrospect now. I grew up listening to the Orioles on WBAL 1090, in bed at night. Still do when I'm back in Maryland. I remember when Ripken retired I was upset for days. I'm glad I could see him play.


Anonymous NextBlitz said...

Need a real playoff system. Been obsessing about it since the Boise game, blogging about it here and over here, and finally in this blog post

11:35 AM, January 09, 2007  

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