25 January, 2007

One is enough for me, thanks

If you're on Second Life, you are a dork. Seriously, who lives their life online; literally? I am impressed that people are on here making money hand over fist, but the whole concept still strikes me as odd. How do these people translate that to real cash? How do you sell something to someone that is completely transient? I realist that you 'own' your character and all of its assets in the game, but what if that server with your information craps out? All gone, and there's nothing that spiky-haired creator Phillip Linden (pictured) can do about it.

I signed up there for a bit to try it out, and it really wasn't that appealing. I like video games, I just like them to have a point. I know some would be incensed that I just called it a game, but that's what it is; a fantasy world wherein the point is to interact with each other and function as you would in the world.

I started out with an avatar, nude on an island. At some point I must have clicked, in the myriad of boxes and text presented to me, that my character should be female. That's how I dropped out of the air anyway. I couldn't figure out how to change my character to male, so I just made her in to a really butch female. Oh well.

Walked around a bit, tested out the whole flying thing, and got bored pretty quickly. I started looking for an ax or blunt garden tool with which to 'interact with the other players.' I realize this is not the point of the game, but come on. If I wanted to take the cat to the vet, go to the grocery store etc., I would do that in the real world, not some fake computer world. That would just mean I have to do it twice, since I have to do that stuff anyway. I couldn't t find anything to use, and I doubt I would be able to if I did. I exited the program, uninstalled it, and deleted my account. No more for me, I'll just stick with what I've got.

It's all very strange. I use a computer all day at work, and I can't imagine going home to sit at my computer all night too, 'interacting' with people and generally doing nothing of substance. The fact that there is an entire complex economy and social structure astounds me. Now what's worse, World of Warcraft or Second Life? I'll go with WoW myself, but by the same margin as t

A funny parody of the second life website is here. Apparently, Linden Labs gave them the nod for this since it's obviously a joke. I can appreciate when someone has a good sense of humor about that sort of thing.

Rachel Ray is talking some shit on Oprah. Hey, Rachel is #81 on the Forbes top 100 list of richest celebrities. Opera. Yeah, she's #3, right there behind Tom Cruise and The Rolling Stones. I like Rachel, but seriously. She needs to chill. Or stop drinking.

Speaking of Chef's, Marcel from Top Chef got busted upside the head by a bottle in a nightclub. Drew's happy. Marcel, not so much. I'm amazed his huge hair didn't cushion the blow a la High School High. I mean, it's like a foot in the air and slathered in product. Remember that part of the movie, where the baseball bat gets stuck in the dude's afro? Or where they're stapling condoms to guide to safe sex leaflets. Hilarious.

I don't know how to feel about this. Apparently the woman was trying to win a Nintendo Wii for her kids and died from an overdose of water. That's not really something you see coming a mile away, you know? Maybe she should have done some light jogging beforehand, get dehydrated a little bit, that say she'd be able to consume more water without diluting her system. In other news I am a horrible person for rationalizing this.

The Christmas bush is gone. All that remains is the large vase in which it sat and a short string of lights that no longer works. Time for an Easter Tree!

The days when I don't do the crossword puzzle, I always feel like something is missing or off. That's a good addiction though. I usually start on the puzzle while my computer boots up and while I am having my coffee, sort of like a mental warm-up to the day.

On Thursdays, if there is a posting of mine listed at Blogs4Bauer, traffic to this blog triples. People just go to the post listed there, don't really read beyond that I don't think, but it's still interesting. Coincidentally in the Carnival of Bauer this week, I'm listed first. I think it's just because I sent my entry in about 25 minutes after the show ended.


Blogger Steve said...

That Wii story's pretty jacked up for a number of reasons. The DJs and contestants were made aware of the dangers of drinking too much water right after the contest began when a doctor called into the show, but he was dismissed.

Secondly, she didn't even win! Her kids lose their mom AND a Wii in the same day. What a drag...

4:57 PM, January 25, 2007  

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