15 January, 2007

TV weekend comes to a close...

Watching Reggie Bush get absolutely leveled and seeing a shirt on national TV that read, in very clear gold lettering, 'Fuck Da Eagles' have been the highlights of the NFL playoffs for me so far; and they happened in the same game. Also, after the game, seeing Saints owner Tom Benson parading around with a frilly umbrella was pretty funny.

On the other side, there was nothing good about watching the Ravens play this weekend. Not a single thing. What an awfully boring game, not even a touchdown. Now I don't care who wins, I just want to see three more good games this year.

I also watched four of the five Rocky movies this weekend, and to the world of famous 'other guys' so harped on by Drew, I would like to submit the other guy in Rocky's corner that wasn't Paulie or Mickey. Never says a word, but he's always there.

24 - Day 6 begins
And then there was 24. Oh man was there 24. I've been waiting for this season for months, as Gwen and those around me can attest. For future reference, I am always busy on Monday night until 20 weeks from now. There are a few things that kind of bother me to this point, and I'll get to them in a moment. Aside from those, I'm so excited to see what this season has in store, since the first two episodes started off kind of slowly despite all the action swirling around Jack. I don't mean the plot was slow to develop, I just mean there wasn't some sort of plot foiled in the first two episodes like in the past. Still though, it'll pick up quickly.

What bothers me the most is that Jack doesn't seem to be himself. The fact that he was in a Chinese prison for two years probably has something to do with that (read: sarcasm.) It seems like he's got some sort of switch that he keeps toggling, in that he'll be all Jack Bauer-ish one moment, and completely somber and morose moments later. I kind of feel that, after making a flight over the Pacific in handcuffs, he may not be in the right state to get right back into a 24-hour marathon. I for one wouldn't be put off from the series at all if, for a whole episode, he just took a nap.

That said, after all the somber and reflective moments he went through in the first four episodes, there is NO WAY Jack stays that way after seeing that Nuke go off in the middle of LA. I think that's more of a wake-up call that a whole thermos of coffee.

I wasn't terribly surprised when he shot Curtis, as we've seen his willingness to do what he feels is right in past episodes, such as where he tortured Paul Raines, Audrey's ex-husband, with the electric cord from a lamp. Still, it was a shock. I don't think that Curtis is dead, however, because it appeared that Jack shot him in the shoulder, and the EMT on the scene did not make any immediate assertions that he had in fact died. Jack would never shoot to kill Curtis, and as we already know, he is an excellent marksman, certainly capable of hitting Curtis in the shoulder.

It's too bad that Kumar died, I wanted to see him knock over a a White Castle as part of the terrorist plot.

I'm really excited at the re-emergence of Graham, who was apparently behind everything that happened on Day 5, and may have been involved in other plots in other seasons of 24. In the preview for the next episode, Jack is apparently interrogating Graham.
"That is the truth, I swear to you on my family's life," said Graham.

"Not good enough," replies Jack.
So bad ass. I bet this turns out to be the bloodiest season yet. I'm sure at some point Jack flies off the handle and murders everyone. It's bound to happen.

As well, I thought it was interesting that, despite the fact that the terrorists are again middle eastern, the first terrorist seen in the show is Asian. Possible connection with the Chinese, and a possible emergence of Cheng Zhi and his compatriots later in the season? We'll see.

People I don't like/trust to this point in the season, subject to change:
Thomas Lennox - In past seasons, anyone that goes against the President or Jack, and especially both at once, is not to be trusted. His undermining of President Palmer's wishes in the season premier marks him for the rest of the season as someone not to trust. When he didn't tell the president that his sister had called, I instantly disregarded him. Note: Season 5 throws the whole going against the president/jack out the window, for reasons obvious to those who have seen the season.

Nadia Yassir - I don't like her because she worked with the CIA, and there is a long history of both the CIA and FBI being uncooperative and hostile toward CTU. Her unwillingness to respect Chloe marks her as someone not likely to join the inner circle of characters. Still, the fact that Bill Buchanan trusts her makes her likely to be someone about whom my opinion will change.

Cheng Zhi - He says Jack is no longer China's enemy, but I don't trust him. The trailer for the season portrayed him as a liar, and I for one hope that he gets some time alone with Jack at some point. This is likely to happen, but still. He's not going to be a main character in the series, though.

Hamri Al-Assad - Yeah, Jack trusts him, but I'm going back to earlier in the post here, when I said I don't think Jack is in the right frame of mind just yet. He was still in that odd state between wanting to be an agent again and wanting to curl in to a ball when he rescued and began an alliance with Al-Assad. I am with Curtis on this one, in that I feel he is still involved in this plot somehow. There are 20 more episodes, plenty of time for a huge plot twist to unravel.

People I trust without question (Bauer understood):
Bill Buchanan - Since season 4, Bill has been a very up front, honest character. He admits his mistakes, but runs a very tight operation in general. His involvement with Karen Hayes (who I don't really like, but don't distrust) is an odd twist, but I can deal with it. I think Buchanan will have to choose between Jack and Karen at some point this season, and my money says he sticks with Jack.

Curtis Manning - He's been around for three seasons now, and has been nothing but an irreplaceable sidekick a-la Tony Almeida. He's generally right in his analysis and predictions, and has been the Yin to Jack's Yank to this point. He and Bill were the ones to pick up Jack when he was returned by the Chinese, and that says something about both of their characters, and about their relationship to Jack.

Chloe O'Brian - At points in past seasons, Chloe has been the sole person who believes in Jack, going as far as to disobey direct orders and risking her own job. I don't see this changing. She is one of the characters who, if it turned out that they were dirty, I would be devastated (along with Tony and Edgar, both deceased.)

That's it for now. I will be updating pretty much every week about 24, probably always on Monday night or Tuesdays. Just be warned. This is an obsession that will certainly carry over into the summer.

Check out Blogs for Bauer for lengthy episode summaries and analysis.


Blogger Drew said...

Shit...you're absolutely right!

9:18 AM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er...loved the post, but you called President Palmer President Logan

6:08 PM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger Lou said...

Thanks for the catch. It's fixed now.

6:19 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about a prediction about the shocker of the year? mine is that Nadia kills Chloe. But not before Chloe tells Jack he's her only true love.

7:05 PM, January 21, 2007  

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