12 January, 2007

You wish...No, iWish!

With all this talk about the iphone and whatnot, a whole slew of new apple products can't be that far down the pipe. They're expanding their field a lot with the new phone, and something completely ridiculous can't be too far off. Something like, say, the iWish, something truly more revolutionary than a phone that plays music and receives calls but has a battery that dies quicker than Lindsay Lohan gets plastered. Bet is that Apple launches the iWish sometime during April '09, at a retail cost in the neighborhood of $700 thousand, with a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. What does it do? Anything you want it to. Who cares it's from Apple, just go buy it.

On the other side of the computer spectrum, Microsoft is worried about something called 'craplets' in their new software. Yeah sure guys, your OS is fine, it's all those nasty little third party applications you install. Sure... Speaking of craplets, I think Microsoft is full of shit. Ba-Zing!

Speaking of computers and code and the like, the only way there will ever be a happy solution for everyone to the recent voting scandals swirling around voting machines and the systems that run them is when one of them completely crashes during an election, losing all or most of the votes in the process. At that point it will become apparent that there should be a unified system across all polls instead of private companies holding on to their own methods and software.

This guy is insane. I need to know how this fish system works.

Seth and I were talking through Google chat this afternoon and I lamented my lack of masculinity. Our conversation went as follows:
Lou: I can't believe it, I need to give up my manhood.I just went into the kitchen at work, and there was no coffee brewed.
Seth: And?
Lou: So, I consciously got a cup of hot chocolate instead of brewing coffee. I need a new job.
Seth: I have one! My floor is very dirty.... We can give you meals for free!
Lou: The women are standing near my desk and talking about how feminism has come a long way in the past 30 years...
Seth: Bah! Feminists have become LOUDER in the past 30 years. Hell, they didn't even get anything like voting rights in the last 30 years.
Lou: I think the that's why I got the hot chocolate. I'm slowly turning into a woman, NOW comment by NOW comment.
Also, this is my 100th post in the New Word Order blog.

I have off from work on Monday. MLK day Whites Sale at Wal Mart, y'all! The next time I post on here I will have seen hours and hours of playoff football, four hours of 24, another episode of Grease: You're the One That I Want, and probably at least 4 episodes of Sportscenter. Like Simmons said, one of the best television weekends ever.


Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

Such a prestigous (100th) post to be mentioned in -and a clever title.

2:15 AM, January 13, 2007  

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