13 February, 2007

The busses are coming...

Dogs have so much fun in the snow, until their feet get cold and they whine a lot. I caught these two at just the right time, in between doing their business and wanting to go back inside. The little one kept trying to get at me by crawling under the fence, and she would look up with snow all over her face, hanging from the fur around her mouth. It was cute.

Today has kind of sucked so far, and kind of been awesome. I'll explain for the benefit of the class.

Most of my office is on a staff retreat today. Yesterday I asked a few people around the office if things would be locked up today, or if I would be able to come in and do some work anyway. I was told it would be unlocked, no problem, but that nobody else would be there. Perfect. No disturbances.

So I get up a little late today, planning to go in for a few hours. I hop on the bike and schlep my way up to 34th st. Lock up, grab a coffee and head inside. No haggling with the security guard today, which was a pleasant surprise. Up the steps, finally to the office.

Of course the doors are locked. Of course the lights are off. Why wouldn't they be? I half expected the office to be closed, but I figured it would at least be unlocked for the other people who come in and drop things off, deliver packages, clean, etc. No such luck.

That was the bad part of my day. Well, that and riding back.

The good part of my day was heading back into Bucks County to sit at a table, do the crossword uninterrupted and finish my coffee. And then to the Metro crossword. I just didn't feel like riding back yet, I needed to warm up and dry off just a little bit first.

Of course while I was trying to do the crossword, the table of girls behind me talked the whole time about how one of their friends was dating someone horrible and they wanted to beat him up or some such nonsense. Then they complained that their latte's were a touch on the foamy side. In other news I dislike people.

I have been listening to Less Than Jake nonstop for 3 days now. I've been in a mood. A mood for ska. Don't tell anyone though, I don't want word getting out.

Someone recently clicked through my blog after doing a google search for "Nadia Yassir Nude." Sorry buddy, not finding anything of that sort here. This is a family-friendly blog. If your family is bitter and occasionally curses. You know the deal.

More on 24 later, don't think I didn't take notes.


Blogger James said...

Lou, I have a confession...

I really, really want to see Nadia full-out nude, possibly doing some horse porn as well.

Shame on me.

3:56 PM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger S'orlok Reaves said...

It's not that you hate people, it's just that when you're not in the mood, there's always someone doing just the right thing to push you over the edge. Like complain about lattee foam. Or take the elevator down one floor. Or interrupt you every five minutes to see what you're doing. Or....

4:50 AM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger Adam said...

Good going, Lou. Now that you've written the keywords in sequence, EVERYBODY is gonna show up on your doorstep looking for "Nadia Yassir nude." Shit, I've said it again! Double-hits on the google-tron!

8:43 AM, February 14, 2007  

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